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" Ronald “Ronnie” Moipolai died last Thursday of an AIDS-related illness. He was 39.

Ronnie was an early YouTube guitar star, bringing to the world’s attention a unique style of playing only known in Botswana. Instead of fretting the guitar from underneath, Botswana’s folk guitarists apply their fingerings from over the top of the guitar neck. In the hands of a master like Ronnie, this makes for a particularly acrobatic and theatrical style of play.

Ronnie’s “Happy New Year” video was a viral masterpiece: a rag-tag guitarist in a cinderblock driveway effortlessly working the strings along the neck of the guitar with various fingers, the back of his hand, his wrist, his elbow. It got millions of views and tens of thousands of comments, in which people expressed their wonder and disbelief...

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Gasometer @ "Rote Insel" Schöneberg – see lecture @ Urania on Tuesday 25 SEPTEMBER, below

Thursday 20 – Sunday 23 SEPTEMBER

"Deplayer" – video clip above – is not the production presented right after the festival's 18:30 Opening @ "BAM! Berliner Festival für aktuelles Musiktheater" by Maulwerker and again on Friday 21 SEPTEMBER – but Makiko Nishikaze's and Maulwerker's "Breakfast Opera" – breakfast habits from different countries put to the music theatre stage – seems not very far. 4 days of independent music theatre galore in 13 locations – kick off @

Where: Acker Stadt Palast, Ackerstr. 169 / 170, // When: 20:00 ( Thu ) / 19:00 ( Fri )
Comprehensive "BAM!" programme here / Click here for the facebook event


Meanwhile in Neukölln – see last week's picks – Cymin Samawatie's 2 day...

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Divan Berlin–İstanbul

TransPositions between Poetry and Music

20. & 21. September 2018 20:30 PM Heimathafen Neukölln

Tickets & Location: www.heimathafen-neukoelln.de

About the event

Divan Berlin–İstanbul experiments with contemporary music and poetry: Free sounds of kanun, saz, and kemenche meet trombone, electronics, and double bass – German verses encounter Turkish ones – they improvise, mimic each other, and transform into new sonic creatures. Music and poetry that approach the world differently, attempt to mutually apprehend it in this shared Divan. The background beat is the pulse of Berlin and İstanbul, two global cities of words and sounds, urban sources for artists, and places of creation under disparate working conditions. Outstanding poets and soloists open new galaxies...

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Each month we present to you the top world music album releases, as seen through the eyes of the World Music Charts Europe and Transglobal World Music Chart. At the end of each year, both monthly listings add up to the winner of the WOMEX Label Award and its runner-ups.

For the World Music Charts Europe (WMCE), the world's first association of its kind, Radio DJs and programmers from 24 European countries collect their top albums of the month - usually presented in the DJs' programmes and the channels that present them. EURORADIO offers the opportunity to syndicate these programmes to members of the exchange system.

Player # 2 in the field, Transglobal World Music Chart (TWMC), was conceived in 2015 as an open network of music activists spreading world, roots and traditional music. It is...

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"Wo'Pop" on Seattle radio station KEXP is a 3-hour modern global music program that makes sure great artists from all over the world get heard and seen.

Over the years the station has grown in both size and popularity; being now one of the most influential non-profit music/arts organizations in the USA and having a YouTube channel with over 1.5 million subscribers.

African Kwaito, Bhangra and Bollywood from Bombay and London, Mbalax from Senegal, Ragga Dub from Brixton and Tokyo, and anything else that producers create from the 6 corners of the world -- on "Wo'Pop" someone can listen to unreleased songs and artists interviews with the program's host, Darek Mazzone.

Among the great line up of artists that have appeared in the show over the years, we are happy to see many past WOMEX...

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