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The Greatest Hungarian Song Ever: CALL FOR ENTRIES -

The Greatest Hungarian Song Ever: CALL FOR ENTRIES



When we at the Piranha Music camp learnt that WOMEX is heading to Budapest in 2015, we decided to do something special by using the most international music conference to pay hommage to the greatest Hungarian song ever. It is the Hungarian Suicide Song, originally written and recorded as "Szomoru Vasárnap" by the pianist and composer Rezso Seress (photo) in 1933.

Since Billy Holiday adapted it in 1941 under the title Gloomy Sunday, many artists have followed with their own versions, including Björk, Ray Charles, Marianne Faithfull, Serge Gainsbourg, Diamanda Galás, Pyotr Leshchenko, Kronos Quartet & more.

Strange urban legends regarding the song popped up over the years, mostly involving its alleged connection with various suicides. The BBC and other radio networks reacted by banning the song.


In good timing with WOMEX 2015 and the following Xmas gift season, Piranha Musik (with your support) plans to release a selection of fresh worldwide versions of the Hungarian Suicide Song, starting with a WOMEX bag insert for all professional participants and afterwards marketing and selling it through our international promotion and distribution network.

If you like the idea and are interested in making a contribution, we need a professional recording of your studio or stage version no later than Ash Wednesday 18 Feb 2015.

A jury will then make a final selection balancing different styles, languages and traditions. No advances are available but recording royalties from the very first sold copy onwards will be paid on a favoured-nation basis.


* Name your file clearly
* Upload your version with artist info, picture and comment on recording to www.share. piranha.de. Please zip all material to one file before uploading
* After upload, choose and adress your file to 'Yusuf Sahilli' in the list below the upload www.piranha-arts.com www

For details contact Piranha Musik Director Christoph.Borkowsky@piranha-arts.com


Piranha Musik at WOMEX 14 in Santiago de Compostela

Piranha Musik at WOMEX 14 in Santiago de Compostela - Piranha Musik will celebrate the 20th edition of WOMEX in the Galician capital from the 22nd till the 26th of October, bringing together music professionals from around the world for five days of music and networking. Daytime activities will take place in the stunning architectural complex Cidade da Cultura, while the evening programme will be spread out at various venues throughout the old town.

On Wednesday 22 October, WOMEX officially opened its 20th edition in Santiago de Compostela with an exclusive gala concert, 'Compostela - The Roots, The Way'. Delegates from all over the world were pouring into the Auditorio de Galicia in the Galician capital, with every seat snapped up fast. The special concert featured select Galician music with amazing artists from the Iberian peninsula and...


Piranha recording artists are on tour in autumn

Piranha recording artists are on tour in autumn - Our recording artists are on tour this September and October, leaving our Piranha biting marks all over the world!

The new Piranha recording artist Balkan Clarinet Summit, who bring together local and international clarinet masters, are kicking off their tour on 1st October. After two successful previous tours, performing in Sofia, Beograd, Novi Sad, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Athina, they will now perform in cities around Germany, The Netherlands and Turkey. The story so far has been captured on a live-CD out on Piranha Musik, as well as a film by Horacio Alcala.

Robert Soko's BalkanBeats is also on the road, heading for dancefloors from Luxembourg, France, Austria, Finland, England to Japan and finally back to his local regular Berlin venue, Lido. Meanwhile the...

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