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When we met her last spring for the first time we knew immediately that Berlin is the place to be for her to develop her art and break through. Therefore we tried our best to make it happen. Now it is confirmed: the singer-songwriter, guitarist and performance artist Rasha Nahas will receive a working scholarship by the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe in the programme “Weltoffenes Berlin” 2020, in cooperation with The Allianz Cultural Foundation.

Rasha Nahas grew up in Haifa where she developed her unique artistic identity and distinctive sound. Her sound moves between resonances of early rock n' roll, echoes of Weimar Cabaret and echoes of Free Jazz. The Guardian wrote, “Nahas has the theatricality of a Weimar Cabaret with added violins and rockabilly.” In 2016 she released her...

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Piranha in the movies, once again! Our beloved artist Mahmoud Fadl and his Nubian all-star ensemble Salamat are featured with their song ''Om Ul Khair'' in the German drama series ''4 Blocks''.

Born in 1955, Mahmoud Fadl is the descendant of a Nubian family rooted in the griot culture of the Battikol people. He was raised in the Egyptian cities of Aswan and Cairo and started his musical career as a musician and limbo dancer for Nubian and Arabic wedding celebrations. His outstanding talent for percussion soon made him a much sought-after musician for top Arabic orchestras and singers such as Ahmed Adawia and Nubian soul legend Ali Hassan Kuban. With his project Salamat they have set the tradimodern pace - a revitalization of traditions which were united for thousands of years but became...

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Each month we present to you the top world music album releases, as seen through the eyes of the World Music Charts Europe and Transglobal World Music Chart. At the end of each year, both monthly listings add up to the winner of the WOMEX Label Award and its runner-ups.

For the World Music Charts Europe (WMCE), the world's first association of its kind, Radio DJs and programmers from 24 European countries collect their top albums of the month - usually presented in the DJs' programmes and the channels that present them. EURORADIO offers the opportunity to syndicate these programmes to members of the exchange system.

Transglobal World Music Chart (TWMC) was conceived in 2015 as an open network of music activists spreading world, roots and traditional music. It is open to makers and...

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We are thrilled to announce a unique collaboration from two distinct regions of Africa, to be released on Piranha Records this summer. ''Afropentatonism'' is an artistic musical challenge based around two world-famous musicians: desert blues man Alhousseini Anivolla from Niger and Girum Mezmur, jazz guitarist from Addis Ababa.

After years of international touring they have come together is this project to show the potential of music in a changing world. A musical journey following the pentatonic scale guided by Anivolla´s desert blues, blending the musical elements of the musicians' traditions in a way that they retain their own respective characteristics, yet they remain open to a number of international styles such as blues and jazz. It is an experimental project at its very...

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Piranha in the movies, once again! Watcha Clan's ''Balkan Qoulou'', out of their album "Diaspora Hi-Fi - A Mediterranean Caravan'', embarked on a journey with another kind of caravan - the one described in the ''Elephant to India'' documentary.

The film describes the long voyage of the three adventurers, 20.105 kilometers from Berlin via Vienna to Goa in India. Riding their bright red Vespas and with a sky-blue elephant in their luggage, they want to reach their distant destination in the tropics, going through the Balkans, Turkey, Central Asia, China and Nepal with a budget of just forty euros a day for everything and everyone!

Watcha Clan are true musical nomads, as well! Their collective assumption is that of the musics of the world being scattered around the globe continually...

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