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Mark your calendars! The Klezmatics, one of our most beloved bands, are coming in town! On November 13, the Rykestrasse Synagogue will be hosting their klezmer tunes and beats.

The Klezmatics met in 1986 in Manhattan. They gained broad recognitions beyond the New York scene after performing at Berlin’s Heimatklänge Festival in 1988 and a year later they recoded their debut album Shvaygn = toyt with Piranha. Their music is deeply rooted in Jewish spiritualism and Eastern European tradition while incorporating musical influences from Arab to African and Balkan to gospel. In their numerous releases the last 30 years they have created a provocative, reflective, and ecstatic music and they have touched topics such as social rights and anti-fundamentalism.

So save the date, now once again...

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"Calico Soul", the very first album of Farafi, is now on pre-order.

The powerful female duo that began its musical journey in Goa, India, brings us an eclectic collection of sounds inspired by African, Middle Eastern, Indian and Western contemporary music. The album will be released on November 8 and will be available on 180g vinyl, CD and digitally.

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Piranha in the movies, once again! Straight out of their very first album “Radio Paşcani”, that we are proud to have released, Fanfare Ciocarlia's ”Ah Ya Bibi” is placed in the soundtrack of the documentary “ Marta: A picture story”. The movie follows the story of Martha Cooper the photojournalist that documented the New York City graffiti scene of the ‘70s and 80’s, a woman that showcased the vibrant, expressive street life of a city now completely transformed by the real estate greed.

Fanfare Ciocarlia introduced to the world the music traditions of their home village Zece Prajini, Romania, handed down and survived through generations, even when its gypsy origins were anything but safe during the Causescu regime. Fast and endearing their brass sound and their horns have made them into...

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We are very happy to have one of our Stella Chiweshe’s songs, “Huvhimi”, being placed in Atlantique, Mati Diop’s film debut in the Cannes Film Festival.

Stella Chiweshe stands as one of the most significant musician and activist in the African world. She started her journey in music by playing the mbira, an instrument handed down from one generation to another to play songs of liberation, spiritual experience and social commentary in special ceremonies of the Shona people. With Zimbabwean independence in 1974, she became one of the most internationally acclaimed artists and the first female musician to gain recognition in a music tradition dominated by men.

Stella’s own story fits the spirit of “Atlantique”, a movie that depicts the class division in Senegal, the agonise of the...

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