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We are excited to announce that Farafi's debut album is now available worldwide on a 180g Vinyl and CD format!

Born on the streets of India, with roots around the globe,"Calico Soul" is a hymn to freedom, humanity and unity, the kind of music that touches a very primitive place in one's soul. "Music is a caravan in a nomadic life" say Farafi and this is the spirit encompassed in their sound as they have they drawn inspiration from all around the world- from Africa to Middle East to India.

The abum is also streaming online and you can listen to it on Bandcamp//Spotify // iTunes // DEEZER and more

We are celebrating the release with a concert at Badehaus on November 13 - join us for a night filled with dance and groovy sounds!!

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The time has finally come to celebrate the debut album release of Farafi! Join us for a night filled with dance and groovy sounds!

On November 13, Badehaus Berlin will be shaken by the exotic, upbeat tunes of this powerful female duo. "Music is a caravan in a nomadic life" Joy and Darlini say, and they intend to carry us away into a musical journey from Goa, where it all started for them, to Berlin and into embracing the timeless message of "Calico Soul", that of hope, togetherness and freedom. Don't forget to come early but also stay for the after-party because the DJ set is curated by Urubu Marinka and her tropical, electronic taste.


Doors open: 20h
DJ set / Urubu Marinka (VOODOOHOP): 20h
Concert starts: 21h
pre-selling 10€ | at the door 13€


Come early...

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Mark your calendars! The Klezmatics, one of our most beloved bands, are coming in town! On November 13, the Rykestrasse Synagogue will be hosting their klezmer tunes and beats.

The Klezmatics met in 1986 in Manhattan. They gained broad recognitions beyond the New York scene after performing at Berlin’s Heimatklänge Festival in 1988 and a year later they recoded their debut album Shvaygn = toyt with Piranha. Their music is deeply rooted in Jewish spiritualism and Eastern European tradition while incorporating musical influences from Arab to African and Balkan to gospel. In their numerous releases the last 30 years they have created a provocative, reflective, and ecstatic music and they have touched topics such as social rights and anti-fundamentalism.

So save the date, now once again...

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We are excited to announce that “Djanya Wofu”, Farafi’s first single out of their debut album is now available online! Raw blues guitars, uplifting percussion and captivating vocals set off this female chant, a song about resilience and resistance. Singing in their own creative language as well as English, Farafi intent this song to be one of empowerment and spiritual uplifting.

You can now find the single online on Bandcamp // Spotify // Tunes //Soundcloud // Deezer

Exclusive Video Premier

Jazzthing &blue rhythm hosted the exclusive premier and gave us a sneak peak at Farafi's first music video. Now the much anticipated video, shot under the hot Goa sun, is live! Have a look and get into the groove of Farafi's vibes!

Listen to Djanya Wofu and have a taste of the full album “Calico Soul...

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"Calico Soul", the very first album of Farafi, is now on pre-order.

The powerful female duo that began its musical journey in Goa, India, brings us an eclectic collection of sounds inspired by African, Middle Eastern, Indian and Western contemporary music. The album will be released on November 8 and will be available on 180g vinyl, CD and digitally.

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