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Why Publish with Us?

Piranha succesfully competes on the global market because we have:
  • a clearly profiled repertoire
  • comprehensive knowledge of our catalogue
  • a focus on good documentation and management of rights
  • close partnerships with our artists
Piranha offers a One Stop Agency, useful for both the artist and the licence holders. We've often been able to close a big deal because we can respond to requests quickly, a service that is particularly appreciated in the advertising and film industries. Our One Stop Agency means less work, better communication and more marketing through cross-over-effects.
Synergies: For Piranha's own releases all parts of the working process are coordinated between the label and the publisher to create a consistent marketing strategy.
For CD production, concerts, compilation usage and downloads, all data flows through a single channel. Thus control and transfer to the collecting societies for the gathering of royalties is guaranteed.
"Deep catalogue": Major label releases have a relatively short "shelf life" (after 3 months interest falls off). Majors have a back catalogue. We have what we call a "deep catalogue" - our titles do not loose their value, regardless of when they were released. We know and we promote all our titles. Through this knowledge and engagement, our catalogue as a whole has achieved a reputation which in turn increases the reputation of the single works within it. "Deep catalogue" stands for enthusiasm and knowledge, a clearly identifiable profile: Piranha-style made by WOMEX president Borkowsky Akbar.
Very helpful for a small fish in the big ocean of international rights dealing. Piranha is known by those who need music.
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