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  • Searching for the right music to compliment your production?
  • Discouraged by the thought of tiresome clearance and licensing processes?

PIRANHA Licensing takes pride in handling the musical aspects of your production efficiently.

Music, the Powerful Communicator

Whether for commercial or artistic projects, the right choice of music plays a crucial role for the successful transmission of messages. Music can, like nothing else, provide an extra edge to any experience, giving it a unique signature, transporting listeners into specific emotional states.

PIRANHA's catalogue offers unique potential for all kinds of emotional travel, encompassing musical expressions that surpass conventional, commercialised genres and outlive short-term trends. Our reperatoire has been labeled "world music"and it indeed contains worlds: islamic hip hop from Africa; French/Israeli electro; elegant tangos woven by classical cellists; jazz from Serbia; big, sweaty, in-your-face balkan brass... whatever atmosphere you want to create, we have the sounds to do it, melancholy to happy every emotional shade in between. Our sounds connote authenticity and adventure, tradition and fusion, extraordinary and remarkable sound experiences – experiences that can enhance the impact of your project.

Who are we?

PIRANHA Licensing is a B2B oriented initiative of PIRANHA Musik, an independent label and publisher located in Berlin, Germany. Since our establishment in 1987, our focus has been to explore the world's different musical vibes and to make this music accessible internationally. Over the years, we've built up an extended, diverse recording catalogue representing internationally-acclaimed, award-winning artists.

What do we offer?


Support and advice in making the right choice of music for your project.

Access to our on-line catalogue, MusicScout, where you can browse through over 1,000 tracks.


With over 20 years experience as a progressive, forward-thinking label and publisher, PIRANHA enjoys the advantage of credibility and extended co-operation within the international music scene. We have the connections you need!

Legal service

We offer valuable expertise and experience in music clearance and licensing. By holding the worldwide master as well as the sync rights for our catalogue, we are able to simplify the process and deliver efficient and professional legal service.

For examples of licensing projects visit our references page.

Let's cooperate and bring the power of music to enhance the impact of your product!

Please contact Christin Kunick for details.

Tel +49 (0) 30 318 614 - 19 // christin.kunick@piranhawomex.com

PIRANHA Licensing // offers qualified music consultancy // provides immediate access to a wide variety of recordings // represents an extensive network // handles world wide music clearance efficiently //

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