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FRM= Fondation pour la Recherche Medicale High powered advertising agency „proximity BBDO“ France choose „Tu Romnie“ by Fanfare Ciocarlia for this FRM (Fondation Recherche Medicale) TV and internet commercial. The FRM foundation supports medical research for a variety of diseases such as cancer, HIV and depression. BBDO clients also include Jeep, Mercedes,Gillette and Sony.

Löwenbräu Commercial

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Lowenbräu Commercial for TVC Romaniia featuring Fanfare Ciocarlia's Foxtrot. This 30-seconds Löwenbräu commercial aired from 2006 to 2007 on Romanian TV. The fun-loving song Foxtrot by Fanfare Ciocarlia fits perfectly into the concept. Watch and judge for yourself. Enjoy!


The Pledge - Das Versprechen

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Director Sean Penn's third film features award winner Jack Nicholson as Jerry Black, a retired detective whose final case ultimately causes his slow descent into madness. Unable to forget the promise he made to the dead girl's mother that he would find her daughter's killer, Black becomes determined to catch a monster that no one else believes is out there. The film is produced by Morgan Creek Productions Inc. and Franchise Pictures.

The atmosphere of the film is supported by Piranha Musik song Nwahulwana by Wazimbo. Please have a look at the scene.

Sex and the City

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Sex and the City - "The catch" (Episode 8/Season 6) In this episode of this wildly successful series, Charlotte is marrying Harry after having converted to Judaism. Piranha artists The Klezmatics play at their wedding.

Head-On (Gegen die Wand)

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Director Fatih Akin caused a sensation in 2004 with the release of his radically powerful drama Head-On (Gegen die Wand). A story of hope and hopelessness, love and loss between two German-Turks who grapple with their heritage, Head-On received the Golden Bear (top honors) at the 54th Berlinale International Film Festival as well as Best Film and the Audience Award at the 2004 European Film Awards. The intensity of the story is supported by the Piranha Musik song Iag Bari by Fanfare Ciocarlia.

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Kommisar Stollberg - Die Tote vom Fluss

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Detective chief superintendent Martin Stolberg (portrayed by Rudolf Kowalski) investigates in this highly succesful,prime-time German TV series aired on ZDF. In this scene, directed by Martin Eigler, we hear „Sto te nema“ of Jadranka Stolakovic and „Markedo“ from Darko Rundek & Cargo Orkestar.


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Director Goran Rebic's movie Donau, Duna, Dunaj, Dunav, Dunarea from Lotus Film features 3 Piranha Musik tracks . Starring Robert Stadelober as Bruno, this 90-minute work tells of a young man who is attempting to grant his mother's dying wish of being buried at sea. Bruno must convince a captain, Franz (Otto Sander), to take him on this sad, watery journey.

The song which is used in this scene is Disco Dzumbus by Piranha Musik artists the Boban Markovic Orkestar.

Oury Jalloh - The Movie

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This semi-documentary short film tells the story of Oury Jalloh, an asylum-seeker from Sierra Leone who lives in Germany. Forbidden to work or leave his city, he gradually begins a silent struggle against governmental heteronomy and social exclusion. The song „Mama“ by Bantu ft. Ayuba was used in this scene. "Oury Jalloh" recieved the 2008 German Human Rights Film Award (Deutschen Menschenrechts-Filmpreis 2008)

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Leonora is an Argentinian feature film about a 25 year old university student named Julia. Two weeks pregnant, with no criminal record, she is charged with the murder of the father of the child and sent to prison. Chango Spasiuk`s "Mi pueblo, Mi casa, Mi soledad" was used in this picture, chosen for the official selection of the Festival de Cannes. (Director: Pablo Trapero/ Production company: Matanza Cine)

Peledao - Elf Freunde und eine Königin

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(Peledao- Eleven friends and One Beauty Queen) A documentary from Jörn Schoppe, "Peledao" depicts an annual Brazilian soccer tournament with over 1,000 teams from every social class. The twist is that every team must have a beauty queen who is participating in a beauty peagent at the same time. Should their queen win the prize, she can use her new power to bring an excluded team back into the tournament. For this scene the director chose the dynamic song "Proibido Chochilar" by brazilian group Cabruera. The Peladao soundtrack features additional music by Cabruera as well as by fellow Piranha artist Anastacia Azevedo.

One Bullet

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Boris Kovac`s "Danza Transilvania" was used in this short film by an emerging young director Attila Veres, based in Budapest. "One Bullet" was chosen for the competition of an international polish film festival.

A Stone`s Throw away

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(Norwegian director Line Halvorsen/ Norsk Filminstitut) This documentary depicts the lives of three boys in a refugee camp on the outskirts of Betlehem whose 13 year old friend has just been killed by Israeli soldiers. In this scene "Lama Bada Yata Sama" by Jalilah ft. H. Shaker provides the emotional backdrop. "A Stone`s Throw away" was awarded the prize for the best documentary at the Norwegian Film and Short Film Festivals.

Fallen Art

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Produced by Platige Image, Fallen Art is the 2nd short animation directed by Tomek Baginski, following up his Oscar-nominated Cathedral. Among other distinctions, Fallen Art won awards at the Arizona and Beverly Hills Film Festivals. Fanfare Ciocarlia supports the main scene of the movie with their song Asphalt Tango.

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The rest of the world (Reszta swiata)

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In this animated film by Agata Gorzqdek, a lonely clown looks for a brotherly hand in the crowd. Boris Kovac`s song „Orient Express" sets the mood. The film was awarded „Best Film by a Student“ at the Polish National Festival of Original Animated Films Krakow 2008 - Grand Prix.

Special projects


S¨dchemie Cover

Süd-Chemie AG is a highly-innovative chemical company operating on a worldwide. Süd-Chemie's catalysts and adsorbents divisions offer products and technical solutions to facilitate effective use of resources in customer value chains. For the company's 150th anniversary, Piranha Musik was commissioned to compile, clear rights and produce an international 16-track CD, a special gift for Süd-Chemie's employees around the world.

Werkstatt der Kulturen

Werkstatt der Kulturen Cover

Berlin's Werkstatt der Kulturen is an institution dedicated to presentation of cultural diversity through arts and culture. One of the largest annual events organised by the Werkstatt der Kulturen is the multi-day Carnival of Cultures, since 1996 one of Berlin's most important street festivals. Piranha Music was commissioned to compile, clear rights and produce a double CD give-away for the Carnival of Cultures.

At Home House

At Home House Cover

Home House is London's most exclusive 'Private Members Club' offering personal service in all areas of the House. Members and their guests can savour the atmosphere of Home House at home, in the car or on their iPod with the CD At Home House. Sold exclusively at Selfridges and Harvey Nichols department stores in London, this CD's packaging was inspired by the Home House crocodile mascot. The music is an eclectic mix from around the world and includes Piranha Musik's Boban Markovic Orkestar.

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Audio CD

Dodo - Part 1: Dodos Rückkehr

Dodo - Part 1: Dodos Rückkehr Cover Lauscher Lounge Records Logo

Piranha Musik artist Gino Sitson lends his musical voice to the parallel universe of Dodo, a science fiction fairy tale for youngsters and adults published by Lauscherlounge Records. Dodo- Part 1 received an Audio CD Award Hörspiel des Monats (audio CD of the month).

Safariton Logo For more information visit:
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Der Prinzessin 2

Der Prinzessin 2 Cover Lauscher Lounge Records Logo

Der Prinzessin 2 is the sequel of the highly sucessful audio CD Der Prinzessin which was rated Best Audio CD for Adults in 2006. Der Prinzessin 2 is expected to be released in December 2008 on Lauscherlounge Records. Boris Kovac's songs Slow for Julia and The last Balkan Tango create a very unique mood in this audio CD.

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Der Prinzessin 2 Cover

Capito! Was prophezeite Josef dem Pharao? Produced by the Bayerischen Rundfunks' „radioWissen", this audio book series aims to teach children bible stories. Ali Ismail's „Ranet al khul khal“ sets the scene for the tale of Joseph and the Pharoh of Egypt.

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