Catalogue: Orient: "From Nubia to Cairo" - Ali Hassan Kuban

From Nubia to Cairo - Ali Hassan Kuban
Ali Hassan Kuban

From Nubia to Cairo

released: 1989


Produced in the legendary Delta Sound studios in Cairo these are the original recordings of the million-selling Egyptian cassette hits of the busiest Nubian musician. The entire band, including hammond organ and cow-bells played live in the studio with the one and only working microphone doing the whole job. Probably the first milestone in urban Nubian Pop Music "From Nubia to Cairo" is a collection of the greatest hits from Ali Hassan Kuban, the James Brown of Nubian dance music, and transports the listener right into the hustle and bustle of Cairo.

Track List

Track Title
1 Sukkar, Sukkar, Sukkar
2 Om Schar Asmar Me Daffar
3 Hanwil Tanza
4 Yah Nasma Yah Halina
5 Mabruk
6 Amira
7 Nouba
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