Anastácia Azevedo

Anastácia Azevedo


"I recently suffered a crisis realising that I was losing some of my Brazilian roots here in Berlin. But then I found that rather than loosing I was even winning something new in this town..." Anastacia Azevedo

Anastacia is a singer and songwriter. She was born and grew up in Brazil. In 1990, after finishing her music studies at the Universidade do Caera in Fortaleza, she came to Berlin. From 1991 to 1996 she studied singing at the Hochschule fuer Musik Hanns Eisler in Berlin. While studying in Brazil she began to play at several clubs in and around Fortaleza until Anastacia and her partner Ze Eugenio decided to leave their home Fortaleza to move to Berlin, following the inviting of their friend Ibere. With him, being an artist, they founded the Brazilian cultural centre "Quilimbo", where they stood on stage regularly by themselves.

They played on many famous stages in Berlin, for example at Quasimodo, well known for its excellent jazz concerts, or at "Haus der Kulturen der Welt", which is beneath the Tempodrom the centre for world music in town.

While their music program was first characterised by standards of the Musica Brasileira Popular they started in 1992, caused by a private misfortune, to write and play also songs by themselves, in which they combined rhythms of their home with new influences from jazz and funk. "The audiences reaction was great", remembers Anastacia then motivated to follow her own way of making music. Anastacia's talent lies in the character of her voice, which is able to combine lyrical softness with rhythmical energy.

Besides playing with Ze Eugenio as a duo she is also working with bigger casts and is experimenting with different music styles. But she particularly likes to discover the rhythms of the northeastern part of her home, for example Baiao, Maracutu and Samba, which can also be found on her Debut album "Lumere Lumera". She recorded this album in winter 1999 at the new studio of Dudu Tucci, a famous southamerican percussionist, while it did not stop snowing outside. Several renowned musicians from the Brazilian music scene in Berlin can be heard on this recording, giving the recording sessions an authentic Brazilian atmosphere : "Almost the sound technicians spoke in our native language", said Anastacia modestly, who has perhaps not yet realised that her songs can stand up to the music of the modern Brazilian music.

Her latest project, a singer's sextet, is concerning with narrative texts about the joy of life, love and philosophical thoughts. Lyrical text phrases and emphatic tropical music become one in her music.


Anastácia Azevedo (by Gunnar Geller) Anastácia Azevedo (by Gunnar Geller)

Line up

  • Adriano Gótico (percussion)
  • Anastácia (vocals)
  • Emerson Araújo (percussion)
  • Eudinho Soares (bass)
  • Zé Eugęnio (guitar, vocals)


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