Catalogue: Borderless: "Raindrops and Elephants - Piranha Re:Interpretations" - Dunkelbunt

Raindrops and Elephants - Piranha Re:Interpretations - Dunkelbunt

Raindrops and Elephants - Piranha Re:Interpretations

released: 2009


"Raindrops and Elephants deserves to be a word-of-mouth, crossover milestone along the lines of Manu Chao's Clandestino." 29 Oct. 09

[dunkelbunt]'s music is like an imaginary river. If looked for on a map, it would start somewhere in India. It would head out west and follow a fairly certain path while constantly changing in size and intensity, through the Orient and into the Balkans. From there, things get a little more confusing. Like a delta it spreads, and none of its offshoots take precedence over the others. It keeps moving - west, north, south, looping around itself, on the way adding dancehall and electro, reggae and house, bossa and breakbeats, jazz and ragga to the mix. With his ever-growing list of featured vocal collaborators like Cloud Tissa, Jimi D, Selecta Bence, [dunkelbunt] continues to expand and recreate his unique musical universe, beyond any borders set between the cultures by the prejudices of the fundamentalists on all sides.

For Raindrops and Elephants other musical traditions bubble to the surface and enter the stream from the deep, wide wells of Piranha Musik's repertoire: Simentera from the Cape Verde Islands and Fanfare Ciocarlia from the Carpathian Mountains, Boban i Marko Markovic from the banks of the Danube river and Frank London from New York's Lower East Side, Ihsan Al-Mounzer from resurrected Beirut, Ruth Yaakov from ancient Jerusalem and Watcha Clan from Marseilles' hard harbour 'hood. In [dunkelbunt]'s Piranha Re:Interpretations, the influences from both sides are clearly visible and wholly harmonious.

Variations on the Raindrops and Elephants theme are available as high-quality 180 gram vinyl for turntable connoisseurs and as 15 track digital download.

Press quotes

"Ich hoffe in eine paar Monaten wird man über diese Scheibe schreiben, dass sie eine Initialzündung war für die Befreiung aus der Monotonie der zeitgenössischen Clubsounds zwischen unerträglichem Electrotrash, langweiligem Autotune-verseuchten Synthie-HipPop und seelenlosem Techno."
-Peter Hagen,, Jan 10

"[dunkelbunt] hat aus Samples von Simentera, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Ihsan Al-Mounzer oder Boban i Marko Markovic eine ganze Reihe beeindruckend eigenständiger Songs gezaubert und sie mit zwei Remixen von Watcha-Clan-Songs angereichert. Lindemann selbst brilliert an diversen Tasteninstrumenten, ein halbes Dutzend Sängerinnen und Toaster sorgt für angenehme vokale Abwechslung. Die Produktion pendelt so geschickt zwischen Lounge und Dancefloor, dass man dazu ebenso gut tanzen wie ausspannen kann [...] Dieses Album ist im besten Sinne des Wortes weltläufig. In Lindemanns Wahlheimat würde man wahrscheinlich sagen: Ein wahrhaft kosmopolitisches Ohrenschmankerl!"
-notes, Sep 09

"Der Wahlwiener [dunkelbunt] schiebt ein eigenes Album mit lauter Mixes von Songs aus dem Piranha-Teich nach, 'Raindrops and Elephants'"
-Jazz Thing, Sep/Nov 09

"Raindrops and Elephants is one of those rare albums that successfully pulls off the trick of being truly eclectic and consistently interesting. That it's a remix album of sorts makes the feat even more extraordinary. (…) [it] deserves to be a word-of-mouth, crossover milestone along the lines of Manu Chao's 'Clandestino'.", Nov 09

"Simentera, Watcha Clan, das Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar, Fanfare Tirana oder die Frank London Klezmer Brass Allstars werden von Mr. [dunkelbunt] noch einmal runderneuert und dancefloorgerecht re-interpretiert. Speziell der Watcha Clan und das Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar scheinen es ihm angetan zu haben [...]", Nov 09

Track List

Track Title
1 The Rain (Raindrops and Elephants)
2 After the Rain (Album Edit) feat. Jimi D & Simentera
3 Mia Kwa Mia feat. Cloud Tissa, Ihsan Al-Mounzer & Ruth Yaakov
4 WATCHA CLAN, Balkan Qoulou ([dunkelbunt] remix) feat. Cloud Tissa & MC Killo Killo
5 Tales Of The Chocolate Butterfly (Album Edit)
6 Cinnamon Girl (Radio Edit) feat. Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar
7 Roll Away (Radio Edit) feat. Selecta Bence
8 Give You Action (Club Edit) feat. Cloud Tissa, Milkman, Don Maxito & Frank London
9 Nowadays (Club Edit) feat. Cloud Tissa, Ihsan Al-Mounzer & Ruth Yaakov
10 The Chocolate Butterfly (Twi Edit) feat. Raf MC & Fanfare Ciocarlia
11 Cinnamon Girl (Roskilde Edit) feat. Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar
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