The Klezmatics on Tour

"The History of Jewish music from the Bible
to the 21st century basically goes like this:
first King David plucked his lyre;
Saadia Garon added some theory; then Mahler and
theatre maestro Avram Goldfaden come up with
some tunes; Irving Berlin and Flanagan and Allen
wrote some songs; Willy Bergmann, Serge
Gainsbourg and Zohar Argov added some
grooves and finally one band added it all
together - the Klezmatics."

Lemez Lovas, Beginners Guide to The Klezmatics
(Songlines Oct 2012)

Listen for free to the song "I ain't afraid" on
Soundcloud, an today even more than always
fitting tune performed by The Klezmatics
and written by Holly Near:

I ain't afraid of your Yahweh
I ain't afraid of your Allah
I ain't afraid of your Jesus
I'm afraid of what you do in the name of your god...


The Klezmatics credit Michael macioce


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