Catalogue: Jewish: "HipHopKhasene" - Solomon & Socalled

HipHopKhasene - Solomon & Socalled
Solomon & Socalled
David Krakauer, Michael Alpert, Frank London, Smad
United Kingdom


released: 2003


Winner of the German Record Critics Award 2004

Top 100 European Records 2003 of the World Music Charts Europe

Solomon & Socalled's remarkable cast of musicians, including special guest David Krakauer, turn an authentic Eastern European Jewish wedding, the khasene, into a hiphop extravaganza complete with old-school Yiddish freestylin' on the mike from shtetl-MC Michael Alpert. Come join the wedding party, share in ancient marriage rituals and celebrate the union of fiddle and microphone! Plus - an exclusive remix from SMADJ.

Press Quotes

"Here's a CD whose powers of addiction have already welded it into my walkman. […] No one forgets this is party music, and it remains a riououslyjoyful affair for us all. Mazeltov!"
Songlines 08/2003

"A work of great chutzpah and genius..."
DJ Max Reinhardt

"Sophie Solomon is on the brink of what promises to be a wildly successful career"
Lifestyles Magazine

"This is the first time I hear a mix between Klezmer & HipHop. And very rarely the combination of different elements is so much in tune, that a classic like the HipHopKhasene arises."
Bas van Heur,

"Shake those sidelocks, rabbi. Quite why the virtual wedding guests choose to go down this route is not explained but down it they most certainly do go, and with no small helpings of gay abandon and suchlike."

"The most impressive aspects of Hip Hop Khasene, though, are the mixes. Given the freedom of a full CD, DJ Socalled is able to expand on his previously strong singular efforts for both London and Krakauer. Into each mix he weaves morsels from comedy albums, the Yiddish theater and a potpourri of dubbed in samples. The final "bonus" remix, "Headphoines ", is a break beat celebration of the whole affair that augurs a long and happy marriage."

Track List

Track Title
1 Introduction
2 Dobriden
3 Badd-Khones
4 Freylekhs Fa De Kale
5 (alt. shul) Kale Bazetsn
6 Electro Taxim
7 7 Blessings
8 Freylekhs Fun Der Khupe
9 Hassidish
10 Gasn Nign
11 Zay Gezunt: Pagamenska
12 Hiphopkele
13 Dobriden
14 The First Time
15 Headphoines
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