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For ten years Watcha Clan has been the watch word for innovative Mediterranean grooves. To mark the dynamic decade they have redefined and revitalized their distinctive electro sound, pepping up the party further with their Diaspora Hi-Fi project.

The Diaspora is in the music, the music is in the Diaspora, blown on the winds across the waters from Algeria to Agadir to Andalucia, meeting in the Marseille melting pot.
The clan are musical nomads on a mission in search of space and freedom, embodied in the voice of Sista K whose mixed Ashkenazi, Sephardic and Berber ancestry epitomizes the borderless roots of Watcha-Clan's music manifesto.

Jewish, Muslim, Catholic or atheist? It doesn't matter. The future lies in faith in man and woman, brother and sister-hood and that's the message blasting out of the Diaspora Hi-Fi.

Press Quotes

"Watcha Clan is one of the most exciting bands I've seen on the world music
circuit. They were controlled chaos in action -at times sounding Balkan,
others Brooklyn and then Egyptian. There were also Moroccan rhythms and
Sufi trance mixed with the electronica.
For all the reasons I've mentioned this shouldn't work -it should
be a mess- but it does. It is the talents of these musicians
and their magnetic and charismatic presence that makes it so".
Bob Boilen, NPR Music. 11.01.09

"Die vier Sound-Alchemisten lassen sowohl nordafrikanische Chaabi-Samples
als auch flirrende Klesmer-Geigen und Gipsy-Blaskapellen in ihr Kaleidoskop
der Dancefloor-Klaenge einfliessen. In ruhigeren Momenten greifen
sie zum Akkordeon oder zur arabischen Oud-Laute. Auf der Buehne entfacht der
Watcha Clan ein wahres Feuerwerk [...]."
-Juedische Illustrierte, 12/09

"In the manner of an uncontrollable sandstorm, Watcha Clan crush prejudices and structures.
Being more than an album, 'Diaspora Hi-Fi' opens our eyes for forgotten peoples."
491, France

"Watcha Clan play a giant and jubilant electronic, gypsies, chaabi, dub music
mix (...). This record gives an overview of the group's vitality and
their findings on stage - their favorite way of expressing themselves."
WORLD, France

"There's a lot going on here so repeat listenings
are required to get the full range and feel of
things but the more you find the more you enjoy", Jan 09

"Transglobal Underground, Balkan Xpress Soundsistema und ein paar andere uebliche
Verdaechtige quadrieren den outernationalen Mix und gestalten das vom Watcha Clan
observierte Gebiet von Jamaika bis Balkan via Tel Aviv
back to London aus, mit zuverlaessig groovendem
-Jazzthetik, Oct 09

"Watcha Clan are a fierce posse of musical nomads, their multi-ethnic,
multi-groove infusions whip audiences into a
dance frenzy, regardless of where in the world W-Clan happen to be on
their never-ending tour trail. [...] Following up on their award-winning album
on Piranha Musik, Diaspora Hi-Fi, Diaspora Remixed is Watcha Clan's
tuneful travel diary, documenting these encounters in descriptive sound chapters.", 15.06.2009

"Main vocalist Sista K has one of those strident voices you'll either
love or hate, and she's occasionally joined by Nassim Kouti on vocals and
guitar, as on the rather lovely Arabo-Andalusian interlude of Ch'ilet La'Yani.
The similarly peaceful intro to Oued El Chouli suggests Souad Massi before
taking off into a dub reggae lope powered by
Moroccan garagab castanets and accelerating into Sufi trance mode.", Jon Lusk 2008-04-11

"...the crowd smushed to the front as lead singer Sista K and her
fellow Watchas took the stage.", by Eric Arnold, Thursday, July 2009

"The Marseille-based global beat outfit have met many
talented DJs and fellow musical travellers on the tour.
And from the friendships made comes Diaspora Remixed..."

"Watcha Clan aus Marseille entfesseln mit
2 Gitarren, einem Kontrabass, Harmonium, Keyboards,
Schlagzeugresten, Querfloete und Gesang ein
Live-Gewitter aus Drum'n'Bass, arabischen Melodien,
Hip Hop, Dub und Reggae[...]
Und so begann der Clan, sich der Leidenschaft
fuer elektronische Musik hinzugeben. Mit diesem neuen Sound
sind Watcha Clan bei sich selbst angekommen. Und
alle anderen sind herzlich eingeladen, mit ihnen saemtliche
musikalischen Grenzgebiete zu erforschen,
um die Grenzen dann zu sprengen", Juni 2009

"French-Algerian phenom Watcha-Clan puts a refreshing, live global spin
on the fractured obses- sion of yesteryear, in keeping
with our borderless times. The Afrolicious boys crack it all open.", July 15, 2009

"Also on hand is France's Watcha Clan, pounding through
internationally-informed electro that draws on
everything from flamenco to drum 'n' bass.", Posted in Around Town by John Dugan on July 2009

"Watcha Clan is one of the most exciting bands I've seen on
the world music circuit. They were controlled chaos in action - at
times sounding Balkan, others Brooklyn and then Egyptian. There were
also Moroccan rhythms and Sufi trance mixed with the electronica.
For all the reasons I've mentioned this shouldn't work -it
should be a mess- but it does."
NPR Music

"They were controlled chaos in action at times sounding Balkan,
others Brooklyn and then Egyptian. There were also Moroccan rhythms
and Sufi trance mixed with the electronica. For all the reasons I've
mentioned this shouldn't work it should be a mess but it does.
It is the talents of these musicians and their magnetic and
charismatic presence that makes it so.", by Bob Boilen, January 2009

"An international group catching a global buzz", by Eric Arnold, monday, July 2009

"World music that hits you where it counts--makes your whole body feel
good and shake with positive energy, spirituality, and all
the things that feel good in life. [...] I felt possessed in a
trance and I never wanted to come out. I was captured by those heart
thumping African harmonious vocals and deep beats, and then
spun across the border to be lifted again in another time and place.", by Veena Ladoo, Wednesday, July 2009

"It's suddenly different and unique, exposing the listener to a blend of sounds
that while first unfamiliar, suddenly refreshing.", by Laina Dawes on May 2009

"Watcha Clan are on the A-list of global music. They show how similarities between cultures can be linked through music."
Concerto, by Hans Kulisch on February 2011

"The true force of Watcha Clan: the lust to let explode all musical and social barriers."
World Sound, by Mars Blackmon on February 2011

"Radio Babel, a strong frequence"
Mondomix by SQ on February 2011

"Much of the album ist buttressed by mesmerising Maghreb-style percussion which gives the sound an unrelenting, dynamic edge." by Morning Star in March 2011

"Watcha Clan hightlights the similarities between cultures through music instead of complaining about the differences." by in March 2011

"Watcha Clan began as support for Asian Dub Foundation and Transglobal Underground. After they had released their last album Diaspora Hi-Fi they became more independent and achieved the reputation of a brillant live band" by Resident Advisor in March 2011

"The sound of one world united by music." by in March 2011

"Watcha Clan are not your average world fusion electronica project that might be interesting at first but forgotten about later. The tracks on Radio Babel have real lasting power .... Borrowing from hip-hop, drum-n-bass and dub-reggae, their leader on the wires and samples, Suprem Clem, twists and turns his way through hundreds of years of Balkan, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern sounds with outrageously catchy blips and loops. Sista K's transcendent vocals are worthy of a higher existence as she uses her amazing range and power sparingly, yet effectively. The whole thing comes together as if it were an effortless endeavour." by The Line of Best Fit in March 2011

"The Global Soundgang wants to tear down walls which is nothing new, but "radio Babel" has concrete songs for this: "With or without the Wall" and "We are one". Even their guests, like Fanfare Ciocarlia from Romania or the Klezmer clarinetist Merlin Shepard stand for this concept. But still, primarily Watcha Clan are a Club-Clan that makes the dream of another world dance." by WDR Funkhaus Europa in March 2011

"Step by step Watcha Clan left the way of the ceerful worldmusic and have given themselves to the passion of electronic music." by MKZWO Magazin in March 2011

"The selection of the traditional instruments matches the character and origin of the songs wunderfully." by Ultimo in March 2011

"Traditional instruments and electronic sound textures unite the musical influences from Morroco, Algeria, Israel, Spain, Balkan, Turkey and France to the sound of one joint world." by all my music in March 2011

"Electronic Oriental Chabi Gnawa Balkan Dub'n'Bass from Marseille." by radioglobalistic in Leipziger Internet Zeitung in March 2011

"A Brilliant issue due to their masterful abilities to shake tradtional tales with a subtly electronic shock" by Weekly General Press in March 2011

"This fourth album is a vigorous breakdown : Calling for such a crazy jam session as tzigan brass, klezmer trance or pianoriental elder Maurice Medioni, this new manifesto, self produced and under control is so attractive and addictive... " by TELERAMA in March 2011

"It's pure joy how Watcha Clan translate the multi cultural chaos within the band into urban Global Pop [...]Babylon as a sound paradise." by Rheinische Post in April 2011

"Straight out of the gritty French port city of Marseilles, Watcha Clan is a missing link between the acoustic traditionalists of the old world music paradigm and the bass-boosting club fusionists of tomorrow." by Marlon Bisop for WNYC Radio in April 2011

"This is a more assured and mature album [...] Watcha Clan are a bright talent." by Songlines in April 2011

"In Radio Babel, Watcha Clan "tear down walls" and they craft a wonderful road binding their varied influences and passions into a cohesive and coherent whole with space to breathe. In other words, an album that speaks many languages but with one voice" by Lopa Kothari, BBC3 Radio in April 2011

"Radio Babel is a high-energy romp in the vein of Manu Chao's happy- go-lucky activism." by New Internationalist in May 2011

"This tasty and colored mix prove its reluctance by purest and danceable musical affinity, within a trio electro instrumental set (machines, bass, and guitar) and upon the irresistible voice of Sister K." by Rock'Folk in May 2011

"A pulpit-thumping triumph of an album." by Rock'n'Reel/ R2 in May 2011

" The result is not a carnival-like multicultural joke It's the pure lust of the polyphony in this world." by Jonathan Scheiner, taz WELTMUSIK in May 211

"They can put on a fiery, dandy live show." by fRoots in June 2011

"With an unbelievable energy this quartet mixes Kuduro, arabic melodies, nomadic singing, klezmer elements with Drum'n'Bass and electronic music.[...] More than their lyrics Watcha Clan see their music as a clear conclusion that Suprem Clem describes as "mixture of entertainment and responsibility." by FOLKER in July 2011

"Doch Watcha Clan verstehen sich keineswegs nur als gut gelaunte Partyband - auch wenn die Leute bei ihren Konzerten in erster Linie feiern wollen. "Ich denke, als Kuenstler hat man eine grosse Verantwortung seinem Publikum gegenueber", sagen die Musiker. "In gewisser Weise hat man einige Macht, von daher kannst Du nicht irgendwelchen Mist sagen oder singen. Wir achten sehr darauf, welche Botschaft wir ausrufen." Natuerlich sei ihnen klar, dass sie nicht die Kraft haben, die Welt zu aendern, dennoch glauben sie an die Moeglichkeit, den Leuten etwas zu geben. Mehr noch als die Texte sehen sie bereits ihre Musik als deutliche Aussage, die fuer Suprem Clem eine "Mischung aus Unterhaltung und Verantwortung" ist."
Claudia Frenzel FOLKER 4.11

Management & Booking

Manager & Main booking
Vai La Bott Recordings
Soupa Ju
phone +33(0)6 07 78 98 09

Germany & Eastern European countries
Koeterhai Booking
Simone Schrempf
Waldemarstr. 28
10999 Berlin
phone +49 (0)30 61 65 94 78
Fax +49 30 61 62 99 46

Earth Beat Entertainment Agents-After-All
Rob van den Bosch
Postbus 2686
1000 CR Amsterdam
phone + 31 (0)20 62 79 518

Ken Day
Storgatan 23D
880 30 Naesaker, Sweden
phone + 46 622 21 27 31
Mobile + 46 70 345 10 31

North America

Trouble Worldwide
Alexandra Casazza
2983 Folsom St. A
San Francisco, CA 94110 USA
phone +1 415 794 15 33
fax +1 415 829 87 23


Watcha Clan (by Algo) Watcha Clan (by Algo) Watcha Clan (by Algo) Watcha Clan (by Algo) Womex 09 Showcase Selection Logo Watcha Clan (Radio Babel)

Line up

  • Matt Labesse (bass)
  • Nassim Kouti (vocals, guitar)
  • Sista K (vocals)
  • Soupa Ju (production & management)
  • Suprem Clem (sampling, programming, keyboards)


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