Catalogue: Jewish: "Diaspora Hi-Fi" - Watcha Clan

Diaspora Hi-Fi - Watcha Clan
Watcha Clan

Diaspora Hi-Fi

released: 2008


A World Music Charts Europe top album for 2008

"Diaspora Hi-Fi, our new album, refers to the high fidelity sound that you can bring along when you leave your country, taking along your cultures, musics and lyrics. Listenin' to the album, we feel like all our friends from Algeria and Morocco met in our studio in Marseille for a big jam!"
Watcha Clan

WATCHA CLAN is an "amour fou" that takes you on a a trip from the London dance floors to the Mediterranean fiesta, from the Balkan mountains to the Maghreb seaside, from roots to rebellion. North and South, Arabic and Hebrew are re-united on this album, the sound of DIASPORA HI-FI. Altruistic dealers in cultures and humanities, Watcha Clan load up their caravan
with rhythms and melodies of their ancestral memories assimilated with the sounds they hear from the people they meet on their nomadic journey around the Mediterranean. From the Eastern European melodies that singer Sista K's mother sang to her when she was little to the Algerian chaabi blues to the fresh grooves blown in on the desert winds from Oran and Morocco, the Diaspora Hi-Fi is blasting out a message of unity and freedom, respect and pride. Turn it up!

The DIASPORA HI-FI project is a co-production of Vaï la Bott und Piranha, recorded in Oran/Algeria, Agadir & Casablanca/Morocco. The CD includes a bonus video with a live clip of the title "Eli".

Rated by the dutch MIXED Magazine as one of the top ten best european releases in 2008!

Press Quotes

"In the manner of an uncontrollable sandstorm, Watcha Clan crush prejudices and structures. Being more than an album, 'Diaspora Hi-Fi' opens our eyes for forgotten peoples."
491, France

"Watcha Clan play a giant and jubilant electronic, gypsies, chaâbi, dub music mix (...). This record gives an overview of the group's vitality and their findings on stage - their favorite way of expressing themselves."
WORLD, France

"There's a lot going on here so repeat listenings are required to get the full range and feel of things but the more you find the more you enjoy", Jan 09

Track List

Track Title
1 Les hommes libres
2 Goumari
3 Ch'ilet la'yani
4 Balkan Qoulou
5 Tchiribim
6 Marashtein
7 I mean Diaspora
8 Call of Hagar
9 Les courbes de ton corps
10 Gypsy Sugar (Warhan Warhan)
11 Eli
12 Travellin' Shoes
13 La Patera
14 Lei Le Ha
15 Oued el chouli
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