HomeRemembering "HeimatKlaenge" - Home is where the heart is, but where is it!?


Remembering "HeimatKlaenge" - Home is where the heart is, but where is it!?

Where do we come from? Where do we go? Where do we lay our hat - where is our heart? Where is our home?

When we launched HeimatKlänge festival in 1988 to present "urban folk and dance music - Home Sounds from Home Planet Earth" in Berlin, there was no House of World Cultures (launched in 1989), no radiomultikulti (1994 - 2008), no YAAM (launched in 1994), no Karneval der Kulturen (launched in 1996). Even the wall was still up...

With the occasion of HeimatKlänge's 30th anniversary, we'd like to rise up its quetions once again and bring them on the forefront of the current 2018 situation where, the topic of "Heimat" ("homeland") is as controversial as it is omnipresent and where the diversity of species in international music is a global commodity.


Heimatklänge was a Berlin World Music Festival organized by Piranha, which took place between 1988 and 2006 annually in the summer, during the months of July and August. It began in 1988 as part of the European Capital of Culture program. Venues were the respective locations of the Tempodrom from 1988 to 2002 and the Kulturforum Berlin from 2003 to 2006.


Focused on a special topic each year from 1989 onwards, HeimatKlänge brought over the years acts from almost all over the world. It was part of the essence of this festival series that visitors were given a condensed impression of the musical styles that these acts prevailed in each of the presented regions.


Some of these regions were the Middle East ("Orient de luxe" 1989), Southern Africa ("2Beat! Apartheid" 1990), India ("Music Mahal" 1991), the Caribbean("Carnevale Caribe" 1992), West Africa ("No Make Palaver 1993), [B]the Balkans[B] ("Odyssey" 1994), the former colonies of Portugal ("LusoMania" 1995), the Indian Ocean ("Sinbad's Journey" 1996), Cuba ("CubaniSíMo" 1997), Louisiana ("Deep South" 1998), Central America ("Humboldt's Journey" 1999), Brazil ("Brasil 500" 2000) & more


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