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BERLIN CALLING! Piranha Picks of the Week - Kawkab al-Sharq


Thursday 4 JANUARY – Sunday 14 JANUARY

Dance?! And the info to "Der Tanzatlas – Eine Tanzperformance mit unzulässigen Mitteln" @ Sophiensæle is no big help exactly either. You'll have to attend to find out :-) "Tanztage Berlin 2018":

Where: Sophiensæle, Sophienstraße 18, 10178 Berlin // When: See Sophiensæle for complete programme
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Also, a short reminder to last week's pick, Nitsan Bernstein's "Hebrew Accent" record release

Where: b-flat, Dircksenstr. 40, 10178 Berlin // When: 21:00
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Friday 5 JANUARY + Saturday 6 JANUARY

This is where the Berlin concert season 2018 starts – with a MIGHTY BIG BANG: Defunkt!

Where: Quasimodo, Kantstrasse 12a, 10623 Berlin // When: 22:00
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Saturday 6 JANUARY + Sunday 7 JANUARY

When Oum KalthoumKawkab al-Sharq, the Star of the East – had ceased to shine in 1975, around 4 million devotees gathered in Cairo to pass the coffin crisscross through the city's streets. With "Diva: Celebrating Oum Kalthoum", Ariel Efraim Ashbel's The Wedding Orchestra for Middle Eastern Music delivers its first full programme

Where: HAU1, Stresemannstraße 29, 10963 Berlin //
When: 19:00 ( Sat ) – sold out with possible remaining tickets at the box office / 17:00 ( Sun )
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For a contemporary Tribute to the Star of the East you can come back to as you please, check out Piranha recording artist Mahmoud Fadl's album "Umm Kalthum 7000"

Sunday 7 JANUARY

That's the tour of "Hauptstadtfußball" in fast motion – and tomorrow it's over! Finissage with curators, fans and active players explicitely including the invitation to leave your opinion on the future of Fußball – oh my …

Where: Ephraim-Palais, Poststr. 16, 10178 Berlin // When: 10:00 – 18:00
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Monday 8 JANUARY

[http://www.piranha.de/image/cms/piranha_records/picksoftheweek/20180104 kuenste dekolonisieren_589x315.png]

Picking Yamaha RY 30 drum computer drum pattern „AfricC“, soundlecture "tracks’n’treks: Delinking AfricC", part of UdK's public Ringvorlesung "Decolonizing Arts. Aesthetic Practices of Learning and Unlearning", takes a representative look into geographical cultural clichés and how to overcome them. Some more info @ UdK

Where: Universität der Künste, Hardenbergstraße 33, 10623 Berlin // When: 18:00

Tuesday 9 JANUARY

[http://www.piranha.de/image/cms/piranha_records/picksoftheweek/20180104 unerhoerte musik_logo_frank schliebener_589x315.png]
Logo: Frank Schliebener

After a short holiday break, "Unerhörte Musik", Berlin's by far most prolific concert series for New Music of course carries on into 2018, too. 30th year – get an impression. Tonight "Barockinstrumente und Neue Musik"

Where: BKA, Mehringdamm 34, 10961 Berlin // When: 20:30
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Wednesday 10 JANUARY

That's Anatolian internationalists bANDISTA – supported by international Berlin trio OKO and their Black Sea songs the globalista way:

Where: SO36, Oranienstr. 190, 10999 Berlin // When: 21:00
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Thursday 11 JANUARY

[http://www.piranha.de/image/cms/piranha_records/picksoftheweek/20180104 finanzamt kreuzberg_c joerg zaegel_wiki_589x315.png]
Former Garde-Dragoner-Kaserne / Photo: Jörg Zägel - Wikimedia

Only slightly praecox, a mere year, neighborhood initiative Dragopolis and Initiative Gedenkort Januaraufstand commemorate the murder of 7 parliamentarians on 11 January 1919 during Januaraufstand 1919 at Dragonerarreal, behind above Finanzamt Kreuzberg – then Garde-Dragoner-Kaserne, now some hard-fought terrain between international real estate sharks and local gentrification opponents. Now and then – can't hurt to know about these things, can it?

Where: Gretchen, Obentrautstr. 19-21, 10963 Berlin // When: 19:00
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Forward in all directions!

Your keen

Piranha History Class of 2018

Lead Photo: "Diva: Celebrating Oum Kalthoum" © Alona Rodeh

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