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BERLIN CALLING! Piranha Picks of the Week - Sonica Sequence

Thursday 5 OCTOBER

Excellent! Two legends of Old School Hip-Hop simultaneously – in different locations, of course. Choose one – the pioneer of female Hip-Hop from Brooklyn, one of the first ladies to rival the early male rappers – MC Lyte:

Where: Prince Charles, Prinzenstraße 85f, 10969 Berlin // When: 20:00
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Or London born Bronx rapper Slick Rick – The Roots' Questlove says, "Slick Rick's voice was the most beautiful thing to happen to hip-hop culture":

Where: YAAM, An der Schillingbrücke 3, 10243 Berlin // When: 20:00
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Friday 6 OCTOBER

It ain't over 'til it's over – but when is it? On October 6, 1967 the San Franciscan hippie community gathered to put on a mock funeral of "Hippie, devoted son of mass media" – sucked dry of any value by utter commercialisation within only a few years. Let's learn from that here in Berlin! Part 3 of Acker Stadt Palast's 4 part series "Recalling Utopia 1967 - 2017" – featuring rare film material and various performances

Where: Acker Stadt Palast, Ackerstraße 169, 10115 Berlin // When: 20:00
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Saturday 7 OCTOBER

Having recorded their new album "Balkan Herbal Clinic" with Bojan Krstic – winner of the "Golden Trumpet" in Guca 2015 – and his Orkestar in Vladicin Han / Serbia, Zarko Jovasevic's wild, Berlin based international Gypsy Rock outfit Mr. Zarko teams up again with the collaborators to premiere the new material live

Where: SO36, Oranienstr. 190, 10999 Berlin // When: 20:00
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Sunday 8 OCTOBER

Born in Trikala / Thessalía in 1980, Matoula Zamani is the powerhouse of contemporary Greek music and one of its most popular voices. Greek Folklore and Rebetiko, Traditional Mediterranean Music, Blues – exclusive German date to celebrate Berlin's Mixing Roots Production's 5th anniversary

Where: Ballhaus Berlin, Chausseestraße 102, 10115 Berlin // When: 21:00
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Monday 9 OCTOBER

He's neither the Mott the Hoople Glam Rocker of 1972 anymore, nor the cool "Rockpalast" headliner of 1980, nor even the well aged Classic Rocker of his "Once bitten, twice shy" version from 2004 above. Yet Ian Hunter is still on top of his game without restraint, both in the studio – see his heartfelt "Dandy" tribute to the late David Bowie, who once wrote and produced his biggest hit "All the young Dudes" – and on stage. Legendary "Diary of a Rock'n'Roll Star" analyst of the circus he's in, too

Where: Quasimodo, Kantstraße 12 a, 10623 Berlin // When: 22:00
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Tuesday 10 OCTOBER

The Souljazz Orchestra, Canada's figureheads of all things hot and groovy Black Music – back with their new album "Under burning Skies"

Where: Gretchen, Obentrautstr. 19 - 21, 10963 Berlin // When: 21:00
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Wednesday 11 OCTOBER

"It is wrong to be french", Al Bundy's Commandement # 2 once famously read - with the exception of Magma maybe, we'd like to confine. The originators of Zeuhl in their 48th year

Where: Kesselhaus in der Kulturbrauerei, Knaackstr. 97, 10435 Berlin // When: 20:00
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Thursday 12 OCTOBER

Already in their 49th year – Gong. No founding member with them anymore – yet still carrying the torch of the legendary Canterbury Sound of the likes of Wilde Flowers, Soft Machine and Caravan – and especially that of their mastermind of 35 years, the late Daevid Allen, see "How to stay alive" clip above

Where: Quasimodo, Kantstr. 12 a, 10623 Berlin // When: 22:00
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Wolf and Piranha team up to present the Berlin premiere of "Sonica Sequence" – a visually and sonically stunning film about connecting within the unifying language of music. The Swedish musician Lisa Nordström travelled with her electronic instruments to Cuba, Japan, Cyprus and Indonesia to set up unrehearsed improvisational meetings with local musicians in public spaces. From abandoned and overgrown ballrooms, to subways and back alleys unexpected musical encounters take place. A cinematic homage to people and places, and to the sounds we may create together

The screening on Thursday will be preceded by a site-specific performance with unique footage and sounds from the film. The screening on Friday will be followed by another performance into the night with guest musicians

Where: Wolf, Weserstraße 59, 12045 Berlin // When: Thursday 5 + Friday 6 OCTOBER, 20:00
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Kurfürstendamm 29, 10719 Berlin / Photo taken by Doris Antony, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1392129

Jeanne Mammen ( 1890 - 1976 ), was a painter and illustrator associated with New Objectivity and Symbolism who chronicled the people – predominantly women – of Berlin incessantly. Berlinische Galerie assembled 170 ( German info ) / 120 ( English info ) examples covering more than 60 years of producing. Get an impression of Jeanne Mammen's output here

Where: Berlinische Galerie, Alte Jakobstr. 124 - 128, 1969 Berlin // When: Opening Thursday 5 OCTOBER, 19:00 – until Monday 15 JANUARY 2018
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Lead Photo: Sonica Sequence

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