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Piranha Picks of the Week - Be Berlin

Thursday 17 AUGUST

Is this still dance? You tell us! The canonic climax of this years' "Tanz im August" comes with the german premiere of the retrospective of La Ribot's "Piezas distinguidas"' first decade as "Panoramix ( 1993-2003 )". 43 of the Spanish performer's mini spectacles at the interface of dance, performance, art and video – all in a row. For a more indepth look than the above teaser, see Luc Peter's documentary "La Ribot Distinguida"

Where: Sophiensæle, Sophienstraße 18, 10178 Berlin //
When: 19:00 - and again on Sunday 20 August and Wednesday 23 August
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When that has got you going, you might push along to Berlin's Mancunian long-term loan Mark Reeder's DJ set at "Berlin Atonal"

Where: Kraftwerk Berlin - Ohm, Köpenicker Str. 70, 10179 Berlin // When: 22:00
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Mark's got a new collaborations album out, "Mauerstadt" – and another of the now rather few and far between movie screenings of his celebrated documentary "B-Movie" ahead at Sputnik on Tuesday 22 AUGUST – see below

Friday 18 AUGUST

Some guys and girls have all the luck. He's the leading folk fiddler in Denmark. She's his coequal as a singer. Together they're a happy loving couple in real life – and the Helene Blum & Harald Haugaard Band on stage. Assiduous Kulturhaus Spandau hast booked them for its cozy Freilichtbühne an der Zitadelle. "Zauber des Nordens": State of the art Nordic Folk, old and new - a genuine overdose of harmony on all levels

Where: Freilichtbühne an der Zitadelle 20, Am Juliusturm 1, 13599 Berlin //
When: 20:00
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Saturday 19 AUGUST

Wanna see who's responsible for nine out of ten German guitar players' performances? Peter Bursch's legendary "Gitarrenbuch" is now a series of volumes in its umpteenth edition. His band Bröselmaschine, legend of Krautrock once also featuring Helge "Fitze Fatze" Schneider, is going on 49 and still not done releasing and playing. Latest release "Indian Camel":

Where: "ProgArt", Biesdorfer Parkbühne, Nordpromenade 5, 12683 Berlin //
When: 17:45
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Sunday 20 AUGUST

It might well have been this very movie that gave some of you their initial Berlin idea in the first place. The city was certainly cool even then, but when "Der Himmel über Berlin" ( Wings of Desire ) came out in 1987 it was still an entirely different affair nevertheless. Have a glance down memory lane – Crime & The City Solution and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at old Esplanade, Peter Falk at the bunker beneath Sozialpalast Pallasstraße and all …

Where: Lichtblick-Kino, Kastanienallee 77, 10435 Berlin // When: 22:00
Click here for Lichtblick's programme including the comprehensive "Berlin – Filme der Stadt" series
Where: Freiluftkino Hasenheide, 10178 Berlin // When: Monday 21 AUGUST, 20:45
Click here for Freiluftkino Hasenheide's programme

Monday 21 AUGUST

He was born in gangsta rap epicenter Compton, but grew up in North Long Beach – and lo and behold: Vince Staples claims he neither drinks nor does drugs, speaks up against acting in gangs and so on and so forth – would you believe it!? The herald of a new generation of Hip-Hop – clean, smart, successful and groovy

Where: C-Club, Columbiadamm 9 - 11, 10965 Berlin // When: 20:00
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Tuesday 22 AUGUST

Does the city trigger the disorders in the first place? Or does it rather soothe the pain? Complementing the medical and psychological accounts of three bouts of bi-polar manic depression, Thomas Melle's "Die Welt im Rücken" - nominated for "Deutscher Buchpreis" in 2016 - is also a tale of the city; here especially its cultural scene of the last two decades

Where: Literarisches Colloquium Berlin, Am Sandwerder 5, 14109 Berlin //
When: 20:00
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Go back another decade into Berlin's cultural history with Mark Reeder's "B-Movie" – see also "Berlin Atonal" on Thursday 17 AUGUST above

Where: Sputnik, Hasenheide 54, 10967 Berlin // When: 22:45
Click here for Sputnik

Wednesday 23 AUGUST

It's 90 years today that one of the most infamous judicial murders in the history of the United States of America took place. Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, two Italian-born American anarchists, were tried and convicted for murder during an armed robbery. It's probably not up to us to decide, really, but there seems to be quite some evidence of a wrongful conviction – wrongful conviction, as critcs say, for politcal reasons. "Zum 90. Todestag von Sacco & Vanzetti" is an evening about anarchism, the labor movement and racism in the USA. Alarmingly up-to-date ;-///

Where: ://about blank, Markgrafendamm 24c, 10245 Berlin // When: 20:00
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"Geliebte von Frida Kahlo" ( Frida Kahlo's Lover ) is the top claim in the distributor's ad - interesting. "Geliebte von" - is that the biggest merit one can achieve? The Puerto Rican born Mexican Chavela Vargas was one of the defining Ranchera singers of the twentieth century - a genre hitherto dominated by males. Built around an interview from 1991, "Chavela" catches a colorful glimpse on her art and her personal life alike

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Also still running: "Space is the Place"

Where: Wolf, Weserstraße 59, 12045 Berlin
Click here for Wolf programme
Where: b-ware!ladenkino, Gärtnerstr. 19, 10245 Berlin
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The propaganda of the Cultural Revolution and its effects on contemporary Chinese photography. Split into one third historical examples and two thirds contemporary photos videos and sculptures, "Arbeiten in Geschichte" takes an elucidating look on how visuals were used during the Cultural Revolution under Mao Zedong after the Great Leap Forward and how that use affects the artistic production of the younger generations until today

See picture "People crossing the Yellow River with a Photo of Mao Zedong" on the left

Where: Museum für Fotografie, Jebensstr. 2, 10623 Berlin
When: Opening Friday 18 AUGUST, 17:00 / Until 7 JANUARY 2018
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