Cabruera (by Augusto Pessoa)
  • country:Brazil
  • region:Latin
  • style(s):
    • Brazilian
    • Global Fusion
  • label:Piranha Arts AG
  • type: Band, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal

"Our music is a mix like the Brazilian culture. The idea is to use various different sources producing a worldly sound with a local accent, and vice-versa."
Arthur Pessoa, Cabruera

Cabruera means literally, a bunch of goats. In northeast Brazil it's sometimes used as a not entirely polite descriptive word for people of mixed race. It's also the name of one of the most exciting bands in Brazil today and they bear the name proudly and defiantly to signify their affinity with the cultural roots of their rural backgrounds.

Formed in 1998 by Arthur Pessoa, who gave up his anthropology studies and started playing his guitar with a pen instead. That is to say, he picked up a cheap ballpoint pen and began to rub the strings of his acoustic guitar with it, creating a sound that is a mix of a cello and a berimbau. Inspired by the late great Chico Science's Mangue Beat movement, he gathered around himself a prodigiously talented posse of players and set out to delve back into the roots and rediscover the joys of the northeast's myriad musical forms - Maracutu, Martelos, Cocos, Cirandas to name but a few and to relive the energy of the Forro parties of their formative years.

Who let the goats out? Forro goes forward

Press Quotes

"The coolest underground group in that wonderful crazy country"

"A full blend of rock, funk, jazz, rap, reggae - you name it, they absorb and regurgitate it in a exhilarating, whipped-up, eclectic mix of all possible worlds. Great musical colours and imaginative production make for an up-beat, quasi-psychedelic experience."
World Music Charts Europe

"This band is as much a cultural study of Brazil's underground as a funky soundtrack for the world to groove to"
Rock Paper Scissors


Main Booking
Astronave Iniciativas Culturais
Tel: + 55 81 3421 5380
eMail: info@astronave.org
web: www.astronave.org

Flavorit Artists
Alpay Taskin
Tel: +49 163 838 32 22
eMail: al@flavorit.com
web: www.flavorit.com

Line up

  • Arthur Pessoa (vocals, accordion, guitars, percussion)
  • Fabiano Soares (vocals, bass, guitar)
  • Fredi Guimaraes (guitars, percussion)
  • Tom Rocha (vocals, percussion)
  • Zé Guilherme (vocals, percussion)


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