• country:Brazil
  • region:Latin
  • style(s):
    • Forró
  • label:Piranha Arts AG
  • type: Band, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal

"We want to take the tradition and make the music even richer. In a sense, we are doing what Jimi Hendrix did with the blues. And I believe Forro could become an international music, played all around the world, like Blues or Reggae."
Cascabulho leader and singer Silverio Pessoa

Cascabulho are one of the most creative and impressive bands to come out of the north-eastern Brazilian State of Pernambuco. They came up on the wave of bands associated with the Mangue Beat movement of the 1990's, mixing the traditional rural rhythms of the region with the gritty urban sounds of the industrial city of Recife.

Their first album was dedicated to memory of the performer, composer and revolutionary musician Jackson do Pandeiro (Jose Gomes Filho, 1919-1982) who, in the 1950's, helped raise the profile of north-eastern music in Brazil and abroad by merging regional styles such as Coco, Embolada, Forro with Samba in his popular compositions. Cascabulho carry on his legacy, bringing their north-eastern roots onto the urban dancefloors of the world. As they say about themselves: "Our roots are in the mud of Pernambuco (but) we are suburban guys from the periphery of Recife, fertilized by the industrial winds blowing all over the planet... we are crazy about music We are the group Cascabulho"


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