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Legendary Algerian musicians share Parisian stage * el Medioni & Khaled

Rai legend Khaled has fulfilled a long-standing wish to take to the stage with fellow son of Oran, the pianist Maurice el Medioni. In an Interview for The Independent (UK, 2008), Khaled said of el Medioni:
"...Maurice has the real mentality of Oran. In Algeria, people who have a shadow in their soul, we say their angels are very heavy. Maurice's angels are very light ... I've always loved the way Maurice plays. He represents the times when music was pure and there was no war between Jews and Arabs, when we met to make music and share things."
Khaled has invited Maurice El Medioni to appear with him on 24, 25 & 26 September at Cirque d'Hiver in Paris, part of the Festival d'lle de France.

Check out the September issue of "Vibration" (France) for a lengthy feature article on El Medioni entitled "Les Sonates Orientales"


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