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Sister Fa in Senegal * „Education sans excision“ Tour 30.01.-12.02.10

Although forbidden by law, Female Genital Cutting is still a common practice in several Senegalese communities. Sister Fa is on a mission to change this situation, bringing support, information and the musical message directly to those women who carry out cutting rituals. For a Senegalese woman to oppose FGC means breaking a taboo, which can lead to exclusion from society. Sister Fa is taking this risk. Together with her band, she will tour through Senegal, giving 4 concerts: one each in the towns of Ziguinchor and Thionck Essyl plus two concerts and a press conference in Dakar. The tour will be filmed to serve as an awareness-raising tool for future use. Sister Fa is on the front lines, using music to lead to positive change.


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