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We've got da Funk! * Egypt Noir Nubian Soul Treasures

Piranha is proud to release a collection of Nubian Soul Treasures, up to now available exclusively through Germany's premiere catalog for bibliophiles, the Büchergilde. "Egypt Noir" gives an unprecedented overview of the neglected musical achievements of an unsung people, descendants of an advanced Black African civilization thousands of years older than Egypt's. Funky echoes of this lost world can be heard at certain Cairo hotspots and now on Piranha's latest release. The enhanced CD also offers a window into Nubian music’s global past
and present, with a visual tour of the great “Orientalist” paintings of the nineteenth century, images reflecting European artists’ sensual vision of Egypt and Nubia, and a brand new tribal house mix of Mahmoud Fadl’s "United Nubians."


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