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Your favorite music into classical music - Klarafy has the way

Wouldn't be great to have someone who could tell you, just by going through your record collection, which one of the big classical composers you should try out?

Well, Klarafy surely has an answer for all your dilemmas.

Klarafy is a web tool that helps you to get to know classical music in an entirely new way: based on your own musical taste. It works on the credible premise that someone who likes loud, powerful metal is more likely to enjoy a loud and powerful piece by Wagner than soft and delicate piano music. So Klarafy seeks out the affinities, similarities or links between your favorite music and classical music. In order to perform the ‘translation’, Klarafy scans your Spotify playlist for three criteria: your favorite music genre, the prevailing musical mood and finally specific points of departure such as particular instruments, voice types etc.

Crazy eh? Sure, yes it is! Check it out yourselves: www.klarafy.be

© photo credits: Klarafy

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