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The KutiMangoes (by Manuel Weber)
  • country:Denmark
  • style(s):
    • Afrobeat
    • Jazz
  • label:Tramp Records
  • type: Band, Composer/Songwriter
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  1. 1

    (Afrofire) The KutiMangoes - Fire

  2. 2

    (Afrofire) The KutiMangoes - Song for Fela

  3. 3

    (Afrofire) The KutiMangoes - Walking Man

  4. 4

    (Made in Africa) The KutiMangoes - This Ship Will Sink

  5. 5

    (Made in Africa) The KutiMangoes - BIC

  6. 6

    (Made in Africa) The KutiMangoes - Ouagadougou

Highly elegant African melodies over rich jazzy harmonies. Distinctly stress-free but only the more captivating – an immediate succuess on the Danish live circuit and beyond.

Afro-beat from the North! 6-piece The KutiMangoes from Denmark have crossed borders, thrilling audiences from Copenhagen to South Korea and Africa. "Our music is for sharing", says the Danish Grammy Award winning group: "Our mission is not to be musical anthropologists, but to create music together, to share music and unite people through music".

Formed in 2012 by Gustav Rasmussen and Michael Blicher on the basis of their common love of both West African music and Charles Mingus, The KutiMangoes respectfully took the Black Continents music tradistions and fused them with their own Western musical backgrounds to create their own sound. Faithfulness to the originals is not their goal – but authenticity is. Play everything they like with passion. Be themselves - mixing world cultures to create a new, global expression.

Their debut release "Afro-Fire" ( 2014 ) was nominated for 5 Danish Grammy Awards, winning "Best World Music Album" and "Best World Music Track" ("Fire"). Following the release the band toured extensively in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

"Made in Africa" ( 2016 ) – recorded in Burkina Faso and Mali – presents compositions based on traditional folk songs as well as completely original material and has received critical acclaim extensive airplay worldwide. Documentary filmmaker Anders S. Jepsen documented the recording trip as "Bamako Play" ( 2017 ).

"One of the reasons we fell in love with African music was its ability to unite the body, the heart and the ear, and for its tradition that unites everyone that takes part. When we are touring we make a point of reaching out to people that do not usually experience live music. So when we have a morning off we play a concert at for instance a building site or a duck farm – it's our way of sharing the music."

And they do tour – and share their music – a lot. And globally, too – from WOMEX (Poland) to Jarasum Int. Jazz Festival (South Korea). Copenhagen Jazz Festival (Denmark) to Jazz à Ouaga (Burkino Faso), OCT-Loft Festival (China) to Reykjavik Jazz Festival (Iceland).


"This just puts a big big smile on your face!!!!"

Ketch A Vibe, UK (on Made in Africa)

"…ein wundervolles Album voller eklektischer Welten aus Jazz, Afrobeat und Soul!

Groove Attack Mag (on "Made in Africa")

"Very authentic and such great playing!"


"The afrobeat treatment of Moanin is pure fuckin brilliance!"

Lord Lewis (on "Afrofire")


Management/Booking World & Germany

Medialust UG
Jens Christiani
+49 (0)172 4534240

Booking Austria & Switzerland

Stone, Art & Sound
Brigitte Fessmann
+43 (0)676 770 7200

Line up

  • Aske Drasbæk  (saxophones)
  • Casper Mikkelsen/Eddi Jarl  (drums)
  • Gustav Rasmussen  (trombones, guitar)
  • Johannes Buhl Andresen (fender rhodes )
  • Magnus Jochumsen  (percussion)
  • Michael Blicher (saxophones, flute)


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