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Piranha Records & Publishing is a branch of the Berlin-based Piranha Arts company.

The Piranha may be a small fish, but it definitely makes its presence felt. As an independent company for publishing and releasing music, Piranha may not be able to swallow the sharks, but it can easily bypass them by presenting extraordinary sounds, with a repertoire ranging from traditional to fusion, from classical to hip hop and electro, with local directions ranging from metropolitan Cairo to the otherworldly Romanian village Zece Prajini. Piranha has been a major player in the world music industry for more than 30 years and has gained experience and expertise to master the difficulties of the dynamic changes within the branch.

Having music publishing as its main angle - Piranha, through its label and booking services, aims to present Artists & Repertoire from the world to the world, all in one stop.

The core team includes Christoph Borkowsky (director), Christin Kunick (label & publishing manager), Mitko Miericke (label & publishing admin), Dimitra Zina (media & communications) and Yusuf Sahilli (booking).

For more info please contact

Christoph Borkowsky

✉ Christoph Borkowsky

Label Director

Christin Kunick

✉ Christin Kunick

Label Manager

Yusuf Sahilli

✉ Yusuf Sahilli

Label Booking

Mitko Miericke

✉ Mitko Miericke

Label Admin

Dimitra Zina

✉ Dimitra Zina

Label Communications

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