Swimming among sharks since 1987


Swimming among sharks since 1987

„Four-fifths of the world cannot be wrong“ Hijaz Mustapha

Piranha is an independent record & publishing label, based in Berlin-Kreuzberg, and swimming among the sharks of the music industry since 1987. Piranha started as part of the world music movement in the late 1980s, with a focus on African, Gypsy and Jewish music - everything the Nazis hated. Our first longplayer was the PIR001 “Beat! Apartheid” vinyl compilation, resulting in a catalogue of more than 150 album releases and 1,200 copyrights since then. Physically and digitally, the Piranha label is distributed internationally as part of the !K7 network. SMV Schacht Musikverlage SMV Schacht Musikverlage and its set-up of sub-publishing partners administer and protect the Piranha publishing rights worldwide.

We are part of Piranha Arts, our creative mothership cruising through all kinds of walls. From the very start, music and cultural diversity have been our driving forces to increase the value of crossing borders - be they cultural, political or commercial.

Over the years we became quite popular in Berlin for initiating festivals like HeimatKlänge – vom Heimatplaneten Erde, Nächte des Ramadan, Fete de la Musique and other Piranha Events. Today we are locally best known for the Karneval der Kulturen, a million strong annual street parade and festival. Since 1996 it has grown to become the biggest manifestation of cultural diversity in Germany. We also travel Europe with the leading music showcase, conference and expo events WOMEX – the World Music Expo and Classical:NEXT - the global meeting for all art music innovators.

More than 30 Piranhas operate both locally and globally, inspired by our totem animal, exotic by nature, a swarm creature, fighting back if attacked. We are active as cultural innovators, tech developers, curators, partners and multipliers, with a brand that is easy to remember in all languages and regions.

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