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Swimming among sharks since 1987

Piranha Arts is a Berlin-based independent creative company fighting all kinds of walls since 1987. From the very start, music has been our driving force to increase the value of crossing borders - be they cultural, political or commercial. Today more than 30 people work in six action teams aka branches, building on over 30 years of experience as cultural innovators, tech developers, curators, partners and multipliers.

It all started with Piranha Records & Publishing, followed by Piranha Events, programming and staging cutting-edge festivals at home and abroad. International music networking events such as WOMEX - The World Music Expo, and Classical:NEXT - the global meeting for all art music innovators, came next.

Latest additions are Piranha Arts Consultancy, sharing our international expertise to support a diverse range of cultural partnerships and Karneval der Kulturen, a key event in the cultural calendar of Berlin - four days full of music, dance and enjoyment, attracting over a million visitors a year.

Our totem animal inspires us as it is an exotic swarm creature, fighting back if attacked, and easy to remember in all languages and regions.

We are a hybrid company (commercial in form, NGO in content), driven by swarm intelligence (learning from the real Piranhas) and organized in the matrix way (with different branches & project affiliations for all team members).

Piranha Arts is run by independent shareholders, represented by CEOs Frank Klaffs and Michael von Petrykowski, and supervised by a board consisting of "1st generation" Piranhas Christoph Borkowsky (President), Brigitte Bieg and Ben Mandelson.

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