Afro-beat from the north! - Piranha Publishing welcomes The KutiMangoes


Afro-beat from the north! - Piranha Publishing welcomes The KutiMangoes

We are happy to have The KutiMangoes on our Piranha Publishing.

The KutiMangoes, starting up from Denmark, have crossed borders, thrilling audiences from Copenhagen to South Korea and Africa - and most lately to Katowice, Poland with their showcase at WOMEX 17.

[] Piranha crew with The KutiMangoes - © photo: Jacob Crawfurd (WOMEX 17)

Formed in 2012, The KutiMangoes respectfully took WestAfrican music and fused it with their own western musical backgrounds to create a new sound. From the beginning the band's goal was not trying to play or sound like African musicians but all about mixing cultures to create a new, global expression. And they made it successfully happen! As very well has been stated by the Kieler Nachrichten:

"How unlikely that one of the hottest afro-jazz bands on the planet comes from Denmark. Authenticity is more a question of attitude than origin."

Their debut "Afro-Fire" (2014) album was nominated for 5 Danish Grammy Awards, winning "Best World Music Album" and "Best World Music Track".

In 2016 "Made in Africa" was released, recorded partly in Burkina Faso and Mali. It presents compositions based on traditional folk songs as well as completely original material and has received critical acclaim and features on radio stations worldwide.

Click here to read more about The KutiMangoes

© main photo: Manuel Weber


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