"Arigato Amigo" - BalkanBeats Soundsystem new release


"Arigato Amigo" - BalkanBeats Soundsystem new release

Dj Robert Soko is a long time Piranha friend and beloved recording artist, always being a master in sharing with the world the great vibes of his BalkanBeats parties!

Now, under BalkanBeats' own label, the 1st release of BalkanBeats Soundsystem, "Arigato Amigo" is going to come out on 11 November 2017.

BalkanBeats Soundsystem is the alliance of Robert Soko, Damir Bacikin, Barbora Priester, Uros Petkovic & Wim Dobbrisch. Putting together Petkovic´s fine touch in BalkanBeats fine touch in BalkanBeats music producing, Soko´s DJ sense of BalkanBeats dance floors and magnificent musical performance of the other three new members, the project aims at creating irresistibly danceable Balkan tracks palatable worldwide.

This album is a tribute to the culture-recycling spirit of the BalkanBeats scene around the globe. The name ARIGATO AMIGO refers to the BalkanBeats parties, from Tokyo to Mexico City, two wor(l)ds united here through their love of the Balkan spirit.

Something we highly recommend to all our Piranha friends!


Save the date

BalkanBeats Soundsystem record release party to take place on November 11 at Lido.

Click here for more information.

photo credits: Alen Hebilovic


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