In memory of Amjad Sabri - An inspiration that can never be silenced


In memory of Amjad Sabri - An inspiration that can never be silenced

It was one year ago, on June 2016, that Amjad Sabri, one of the most highly lauded contemporary bearers of the Qawwali torch, was shot to death in Karachi, Pakistan – mere 39 years old. He was assassinated from a motorcycle by Pakistani Taliban who accused him of blasphemy.

Following a Qawwali family tradition of more than 400 years, Amjad Sabri had his international debut as a 15 year old at Piranha's "HeimatKlänge" festival opposite Berlin Reichstag in 1991 when for the first time he took over the 2nd lead voice accompanying his father Ghulam Farid from his uncle Maqbool who was not able to come along. PIR 1039 "Jami" – his international recording debut recorded during the Brothers' "HeimatKlänge" residence in Berlin – captures Amjid's natural prowess and brillancy as a rising singer during these days.

For more than 50 years the Sabri Brothers – according to their Sufi-vocation – successfully spread their message of love through the international music business by translating the essence of Qawwali into modern popular music – the Sufi devotion in search of the divine message that with unrivaled power stirs the heart to seek God.

Entirely peaceful. Universally inspiring.

In memory of Amjad Sabri, 1976 – 2016. He can never be silenced.

photo: The Sabri Brothers, Heimatklaenge festival (Berlin, 1991) - left: Amjad Sabri, right: Ghulam Farid Sabri

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