Maurice El Medioni - His autobiography now published on Repeater Books


Maurice El Medioni - His autobiography now published on Repeater Books

Maurice El Medioni - the Algerian Jewish master of PianOriental and Piranha recording artist, will turn 89 this year. His trademark lifework, PianOriental, remains an ever-inspiring example of how to create positive sparks from the encounters of different cultures. His music exemplifies the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Oran’s past music scene, when it was the melting pot for all kinds of religions and cultures.

"A Memoir: From Oran to Marseilles (1938 - 1992)" - edited by Max Reinhardt and translated from French by Jonathan Walton, this book contains his original handwritten memoirs; how he has developed his unique 'pianorientale' style; the subsequent golden years of nightlife in Oran, the 'Paris of the South', the horrific years of bloodshed that followed in the Algerian war of Independence, his exile from Algeria and his later life in France.

We are happy to announce that we have a few copies of this wonderful book on sale as a Limited Edition Package together with the albums we have released together with him through the years; "Cafe Oran" and "Descarga Oriental".

For more information about the offer click here to visit our online shop.

photo: Maurice El Medioni


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