Piranha Goes Reeperbahn - 10 Acts You Shouldn't Miss!


Piranha Goes Reeperbahn - 10 Acts You Shouldn't Miss!

Reeperbahn Festival has been established as one of the most important meeting places for the music industry worldwide, and, of course - as the largest club festival in Germany.

This year Reeperbahn brings from the 20th - 23rd of Septemeber, more than 800 events and 500 concerts spanning a range of genres in various locations around Hamburg’s Reeperbahn. The festival's partner country in 2017 is Canada.

In order not to lose track of all the great concerts taking place during those days, we decided to gather some tips for you, always in the Piranha spirit!


The career of the two blind musicians spans way back into the eighties. Amadou & Mariam combine traditional Mali melodies and rhythms with Western rock music. They use trumpet, strings, tablas from India, Arabic flutes and Western African percussion instruments to create a colorful shimmering sound. Read more here.


By all accounts, Songhoy Blues from Timbuktu are an unusual blues rock band. Traditional tuareg sounds are mixed impressively with classic blues patterns of musicians like John Lee Hooker. Sharp guitars and thrilling rhythms riddled with traditional vocals. It does not have much to do with world music but much more with the soul of blues. Read more here.


One of this year's offWOMEX showcases as well, 47SOUL are four musicians that represent Palestine’s diaspora. Found together in Jordan some years ago, they have just initiated a new genre with their music: they name their sound Shamstep. Their lyrics are influenced by the fight for equality. In this, they focus partying just as much as freedom. Read more here.


Beth Ditto, the front woman of the widely famed band Gossip, now comes back with her first solo piece. Its arrangements sound like the 1960s mixed with punk guitars and catchy rhythms. The US singer, has grown up in a trailer park under quite complicated family circumstances and has turned to punk early in her life. These roots do not remain unheard. Read more here.


In his early life, Omar Souleyman released a total of 500 (!) allbums. In this time, the Syrian singer entered service as a wedding musician. When civil war broke out in his home country, Souleyman fled to Turkey. And he decided to play songs in the name of love but not only on weddings anymore – as a statement against the cruelties of violence. Read more here.


Seven brothers, one passion: brass music. In pop history Hypnotic Brass Ensemble are an exception. Being sons of jazz legend Phil Cohran, the seven siblings committed early in their childhood to different brass instruments as witnessing virtuosity within the family. Later they founded their own supergroup. Read more here.


Israel is evolving into a new jazz metropolis. Many young talents have been brought up in this country in recent times. Being blessed with a somnambulistic security, the jazz pianist Omer Klein from Israel oscillates between the orient and the occident. With his trio he has just released the brillant album “Sleepwalkers” (Warner Music). Read more here.


Elise LeGrow sings pop songs with folk and jazz elements. Who can say of themselves that their first EP is filled with songs written by Jon Levine, Ron Sexsmith and Stefan Skarbek? LeGrow can. The musician has toured many jazz festivals in Canada and elsewhere and likes to draw attention to herself in a 1950’s and 1960’s sort of style. Read more here.


After a bunch of acclaimed film soundtracks Federico Albanese scored his second solo piece "The Blue Hour“ (Edel Germany) at legendary label Berlin Classics to enrich its "Neue Meister“-series with "The Blue Hours“, an album between classic and ambient that features minimalistic piano playing and dynamic synthesizer arpeggios layered onto an atmospheric miracle. Read more here.


Black River Delta’s blues rock sounds like sweaty summer nights which normally call for a smoky whiskey in the Southern States of the USA. This trio from Sweden, in their music, sticks to the elementary essentials. Two mucky guitars and rattling drums are the fundament of the trips with which the singer carries his listeners off to lyrical underworlds. A hell-ride. Read more here.

See you there!

© photo: Amadou & Mariam


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