Coming out on Piranha - Ali Hassan Kuban reissue


Coming out on Piranha - Ali Hassan Kuban reissue

When precisely Ali Hassan Kuban’s legendary recordings of "From Nubia To Cairo", released internationally by Piranha in 1988, were made, nobody knows any more. What we do know, recordings had taken place at Delta Sound S.A. in Cairo – with the orchestra’s entire line-up circled around the only working microphone at hand. The tracks had been travelling in the Arab world on two audio-cassettes afterwards and accompanied his rise from a local superstar to a musical innovator of new, vibrant, international Pop.

Ancient Nubian melodies, played on a background of pulsating Western beats and sounds that draw from American jazz and international pop – Ali Hassan Kuban served as one of the founding fathers of the musical breed we knew and loved as world music in the earliest days of the genre: the old and the new! The weddings and the concert hall! The East and the West! The roots and all kinds of blossoms – whatever may come!

“From Nubia to Cairo” is the first milestone in urban Nubian Pop. The record will be available in glorious audiophile format - remastered from analogue tapes. The first batch of Ali’s long-legendary Nubian originals, seductively praising in touching lyrics his native Nubia and Egypt, their people, in particular, their women, and life. Life in general.


Available on Vinyl / CD / Download -- preorder here

photo: Martin Riedel


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