Coming out on Piranha - Botswana Music Guitar


Coming out on Piranha - Botswana Music Guitar

With all of a humanity reduced to a genome, who’d a thunk there’d be some sweet, folksy music being made in a remote corner of the world that almost no one had heard of until youtube came along?

This is a whole community of musicians from the heart of Africa playing guitar in a way most of us have never seen or thought possible — unless you happened to be following a handful of viral internet videos.

And if you were and happened to read the comments below the videos, you would have seen the question: “Where can I buy this music?”

The answer is: on Piranha Records on 27 April 2018!

It'll be out on audiophile 180g vinyl and as a digital release as "I'm not here to hunt Rabbits” on Piranha in co-operation with The Vital Record.

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