"From Nubia To Cairo" reissue - First single out soon


"From Nubia To Cairo" reissue - First single out soon

"Mabruk" is the first title off from our upcoming Ali Hassan Kuban reissue to be released as a DIGITAL SINGLE.

Ancient Nubian melodies played on a background of pulsating Western beats and sounds that draw from American jazz and international pop – "Mabruk" is one of the titles that marked Ali's carrier.

The original recording of this million-selling Egyptian cassette hit will be available worldwide on all streaming platforms on
12 OCTOBER 2018

“From Nubia to Cairo” is the first milestone in urban Nubian Pop. The record will be available in glorious audiophile format - remastered from analogue tapes with listening standards refined to the contemporary levels. The first batch of Ali’s long-legendary Nubian originals, seductively praising in touching lyrics his native Nubia and Egypt, their people, in particular, their women, and life. Life in general.

photo: Ali Hassan Cuban (Cairo, Egypt, by Martin Riedel)


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