Piranha Presents - "Hibridos, the spirits of Brazil" Berlin Premiere


Piranha Presents - "Hibridos, the spirits of Brazil" Berlin Premiere

The independent filmmaker, sound researcher and wanderer Vincent Moon will be back at Wolf for a one off audiovisual performance and the German premiere of his feature film‚ "Hibridos, the spirits of Brazil" - co-directed and produced with Priscilla Telmon.

HIBRIDOS, THE SPIRITS OF BRAZIL, directed by Vincent Moon and Priscilla Telmon, 88min, 2018

Hibridos is a 3 years research into Brazilian spiritualities - from the largest catholic procession in the world to a never before seen indigenous ritual in the Mato Grosso, from healing ceremonies in spiritist centres to Ayahuasca driven avant-garde rituals in Rio de Janeiro…

An ethnographic journey into the world of sacred ceremonies and their diversity, as well as a trip into cinema as a pure poetic language. Without any voices paving the way, only the sounds of the rituals and the chants of the devotees, Híbridos is a music film of a new kind.

Wolf and Piranha Records are excited to welcome Vincent Moon to Berlin again and invite to this immersive and intimate experience.

On August 21: Vincent Moon will create a site-specific trans-cinema experience by editing in real-time a unique version of Hibridos at Wolf Studio 6.

On August 22: German premiere of the feature film‚ "Hibridos, the spirits of Brazil" followed by a Q&A with Vincent Moon at Wolf Kino.

On August 25 & 26: Re-runs of "Hibridos, the spirits of Brazil" at Wolf Kino.


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