Piranha Publishing welcomes ANEWAL - Niger's desert blues ambassadors


Piranha Publishing welcomes ANEWAL - Niger's desert blues ambassadors

We are happy to have ANEWAL with their newest album "Osas" on our Piranha Publishing.

ANEWAL is the new trio of Alhousseini Anivolla, lead guitarist and singer of internationally renowned desert blues band Etran Finatawa. Formed in 2014 ANEWAL brings traditional African tunes into new acoustic soundscapes.

The trio ​​​has got everything that fans of desert blues have been devouring ever since this kind of music went global:

Hypnotic two-chord jams, trance-including beats, biting blues-infused guitar and Anivolla's warmly laid back vocals sung in his local vernacular. Anivolla is an incisive and remarkably subtle guitarist, varying his attack on the strings, adding minute levels of natural distortion, his incisive, blues-infused phrases ringing out over long, swaying vamps.

"Osas tells of a new kind of nomadic existence" (Rhythm passport)

"Desert blues, as expansive and panoramic as the Sahara itself" (Songlines)

Click here to read more about ANEWAL.

Are you in Berlin on May 25? Don't miss their concert on that day at Werkstatt der Kulturen. More info here.

© main photo: Jean Molitor


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