Support your local club - Jonny Knüppel needs your help


Support your local club - Jonny Knüppel needs your help

With a crowdfunding campaign that started on 18 December 2017, Jonny Knüppel aims to reach the amount of 60.000 Euros in order to be able to survive.

A collective open space for art and culture right in the heart of Berlin, Jonny Knüppel stands for a club, a workshop studio, a concert stage, a music studio, a theater, a cinema, a garden, a community, a platform, a utopia.

As a result of a clearly ambiguous legal situation, the Jonny Knüppel team has not yet received the required regulatory approvals. The building authority demands extensive and correspondingly expensive soundproofing measures, without which the planned operation cannot start.

Oppose to the neo-liberazilation of Berlin and help self-organized free spaces to flourish by supporting Jonny Knüppel's crowdfunding campaign. Deadline: 5 February 2018.

© photo: Katha Mau


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