World Music Charts - July 2017


World Music Charts - July 2017

Each month Piranha Records presents to you the top world music album releases, as seen through the eyes of the World Music Charts Europe and Transglobal Music Chart.

Radio DJs from 24 European countries collect each month their top albums for the World Music Charts Europe, which then leads to the annual WOMEX label award. The release of the charts is supported by the World Music Workshop of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and offers to EURORADIO members the opportunity to exchange music, experiences and projects.

The Transglobal Music Chart was conceived in 2015 as an open worldwide network of music critics, who are working on a regular basis, spreading world, roots and traditional music.

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Another of our beloved spiritual women and one of the most complicated and misunderstood of all 20th-century musicians, is the great Alice Coltrane. The spiritual import of her work continues to influence and being relevant until today - definitely the latest Alice Coltrane release stays high on the charts several months now for a reason.

© photo: Alice Coltrane

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