• region:Borderless
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    • Classical
    • World
  • label:Piranha Records

It’s perfectly fitting for a Berlin-based record company to have a repertoire emphasis on accordion music. The instrument is said to have been invented in Berlin in 1822 by Christian Friedrich Ludwig Buschmann who is also supposedly to be the originator of the harmonica.

From there it took a triumphant procession around the world, taking with it the repertoire developed on the instrument in its Eastern European homelands, in the Balkans, in the Alps and their foothills, where it first bloomed. Emigrants to the new world brought it to Central and South America, and to the Caribbean where it developed into all kinds of new variants.


American echoes of the old European dances, tunes and styles on the accordion feature most prominently in the Piranha repertoire: Oswaldinho’s Forro Novo and Cascabulho’s Mangue Bit from Brazil, Latin Grammy nominee Chango Spasiuk’s virtuoso innovative Chamame from Argentina – they would all be unthinkable without the accordion, the musical heart of all of those styles.

Apart from the Americans, a heavy vein of accordion flavour runs through most of Piranha’s many Balkan releases, too – from Boris Kovac to Sevdalinka and back. And of course, let’s not forget the African continent that can put on a real storm on the accordion when it will – remember Le Zagazougou! Their squeaky, squeezy live performance at HeimatKlänge “No Make Palaver” in 1993, and their album Zagazougou Coup, are still available with all the other accordion recordings from the Piranha Records catalogue.

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