Ali Hassan Kuban - Real Nubian


"Real Nubian" - Ali Hassan Kuban


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  • Artist:Ali Hassan Kuban
  • region:Orient
  • release year:2001
  • style(s):
    • Egyptian
    • Nubian
  • country:Egypt
  • catalogue numberPIR1575
  • formats:
    • CD

The last album from the late great Godfather of Nubian soul , Ali Hassan Kuban. The man with the most famous gap-toothed smile in the business will be much missed. This is a fitting testimonial to the gentle innovator of Nubian wedding music full of his trade-mark Jazz-inspired melodies, earthy Nubian grooves and killer sing-along choruses, recorded at the El Araby studios in Cairo with his trusty team of ace musicians and featuring additional vocal performances from Salamat songstress Salwa. The man is gone but his legend lives on.


"The music of Ali Hassan Kuban brilliantly bridges Africa and the Americas."

Eugene Holley Jr.

"Kuban's lovely arrangements of vocals and traditional instruments set the mood on these songs."

Sign Out! USA

"Ali Hassan Kuban represents the amazing musical tradition of Nubia and its most spectacular evolutions at the end of the 20th century."

Repertoire, 11/2002

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