Ali Hassan Kuban - Walk Like A Nubian


"Walk Like A Nubian" - Ali Hassan Kuban


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  • Artist:Ali Hassan Kuban
  • region:Orient
  • release year:1991
  • style(s):
    • Nubian
  • country:Egypt
  • catalogue numberPIR43
  • formats:
    • Cassette
    • CD

In Egypt a wedding singer doesn't just perform at the reception – he brings the party. In the case of the late Ali Hassan Kuban, those celebrations lasted for days, which might explain why he was a Cairo favourite and even performed at the wedding of Egypt's president.
After the mysterious Egyptian Funk blast of his first European release "From Nubia to Cairo" made its indelible mark on the world music scene, the man himself set out on tour. The sparkling percussion, driving electric bass and groovy horns of his dynamic ensemble laid down a new set of instant classics. His band has roots in tradition, but funk it up and pack the dance floor with music that forces the feet to move. If the rifferama bass doesn't get you, then the percussion will. Even when Kuban slows it down soul still oozes from every note. Slinky, muscular and absolutely irresistible, it's ancient funk with modern power.


" Think James Brown meets Ornette Coleman. Then realize that this is wedding music, and that the parties tend to last all week.

Larry Blumenfeld, Jazziz, April 2002

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