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"Gipsy Manifesto" - Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra

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Growing from balkan to world champions, Boban and Marko release their Gipsy Manifesto, a musical call for change and a sonic striving for higher truth, drafted and crafted in the school of life.

Ancient melodies that have worked their way down the silk road to the beaches of the Adriatic Sea, played on the instruments of 19th-century Czech Military Bands against the throbbing rhythms that have driven the wild dances of innumerable generations‘ worth of Roma celebrations - this is Balkan Brass Band music. The saturation of multicultural elements that has created this music, though, is far from a completed process. In the hands of Boban and Marko Markovic, the evolution is ongoing.

These musical visionaries, a virtuosic father and his prodigious son, are active reinterpreters of this hallowed tradition. Their brand of Brass Band music is contemporary and big-city-ready, while staying well-rooted in the rural traditions that made it. The aesthetic of the band draws ready comparisons to horn-drenched funk music, New Orleans brass band ensembles, and classic Jamaican ska, but the rhythms and the melodies: these are distinctly Balkan.

Press Quotes - US

“Having dominated the Balkan brass world in the 20th century, Boban and Marko have now chosen to do no less than redefine the genre. There isn‘t a band on the planet that can touch them.“ Frank London

“Balkan music is demanding to play: fast, precise and rhythmically complex. These guys are talented enough, and brave enough, to slip in elements of jazz, funk or Latin music with ease.“ Banning Eyre -

"Boban and Marko's wall of brass is 21st century manifesto" DJ Robert Soko

"... a stunning blast of exuberance & virtuosity." New York Times

"... one of the world's killer wedding bans." San Francisco Chronicle

"Big brass sound? Absolutely. A manic beat that will get you going? Got that covered. The ska-flavored track "Turbo Dizel" from the father-and-son trumpet players Boban and Marko Markovic, a pair of Rom musicians from Serbia, prove that Balkan music is so much more than dusty folk dance costumes. This is fresh, fun, and party-ready." npr.ord - Sept 2013

"Funk comes to the Balkans as the Internet brings electro everywhere and local culture collides with multi culti. Sounding like a Romany James Brown leading a bull fight band, this is one of the craziest mash ups you're going to come across. Sounding like of like Tijuana Brass on speed, this crew delivers a party punch that sounds like it's something like the next century might sound like, on another planet. Utterly wild and utterly wonderful." Midwest Record - Sept 2013

"12 O'Clock Track: "Zivot Cigana," a blast of Balkan brass from Boban and Marko Markovic. On Gipsy Manifesto, the Boban and Marko Markovic Orchestra, that most celebrated of Balkan brass combos, continues an inexorable march toward a more global, contemporary sound." Chicago Reader - Sept 2013

"Their new album comes out on October 28th and is loaded with songs with their trademark energy, style and sound." Radio Milwaukee - Sept 2013

"The orchestra of Serbia’s Boban Markovic is one of the bands that put the exhilarating, improvisational, funky sound of Balkan brass on the world’s musical map. [...] Now Boban’s son Marko (who has fronted the band and played lead trumpet since 2006) is taking the semi-radical step of thoroughly integrating Balkan beats into the band’s sound. Purists might look askance at this calculating move, but no one ever accused me of being a purist: I think it sounds great." Global A Go-Go - Sept 2013

"Their new release on Piranha Musik is called Gipsy Manifesto, and for all of the elder Markovic’s notoriety, this amazing disc is very much a product of Marko’s influence, etching out future possibilities for the genre. In addition to the horns and military drumming, the recording boasts flourishes of electric guitar, piano, accordion and a full drum kit. Musically, the record drives with a dance floor beat underpinning the machine gun horn shots, effortlessly slipping into funk or Latin grooves adding further interest to the Balkan wedding tunes." Worldbeatinternational - Okt 2013

"This legendary father and son virtuoso trumpet duo hail from Southern Serbia, but thanks to the saturation of multicultural elements into their music, they have been penning numerous genre-defining and explosive Balkan Gypsy Brass dance hits over the years while seeing their popularity skyrocket thanks to DJs around the world remixing all things Balkan into their electronica. Balkan beats get the dance floor percolating and there is a lot of fantastic percolation happening on Gipsy Manifesto!" Maximum Ink - Okt 2013

"Balkan brass music is another term for bucolic festivities, for wild dancing, for unleashing one’s primal lifeforce and that is once again captured in the latest studio offering of Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra aptly titled Gipsy Manifesto." freegang kolektiva - Okt 2013

"Sometimes you need raucous music to get going, and this fills the bill. It's the brass equivalent of punk rock and goes full tilt for the first 6 minutes before slowing down to a song with a melody, "Balkan caravan," (which even has words in English) and a sing-along "na na na" chorus. There's also some sharp soloing from father and son, showing why they deserve the "Golden Trumpet of Guca" which they won repeatedly. There are familiar refrains, even a remake on this, their first studio album in four years. (Last year a "best of" collection called Golden Horns charted in the USA.) [...]. The album ends with a remix/radio edit of "Sljivovica" which has that Electric Gypsyland feeling. It's a great way to end the disc, and another outstanding track." Muzikifan - Okt 2013

"Anyone familiar with the punchy, brass-laden tunes of this region will be pleasantly surprised by the intelligent lyrics and dance-heavy elements. [...] However, Balkan fans need not 'balk' at this recording. If you are seeking wild rhythms, brassy sounds, and punchy dance music from Serbia (or surrounding countries), then this one is for you." Inside World Music - Okt 2013

"If the phrase "father-and-son Serbian trumpeters" isn't already making you put this album on your list, then the chance to hear some of the finest, most energetic and most eclectic brass-band music from Europe should help you decide." JS Online - Okt 2013

"The simple fact is that these guys really can do it all, and the Balkan root remains strong throughout. There’s a definite sense of renewal and energy about the music, perhaps because of the growing influence of Marko, now 25 and certainly more assertive. Simply, if you love horns, whether from New Orleans or the brass bands of England, this is vital." Sing Out - Nov 2013

"This release is a party album — a high-energy dance album that cooks incredibly well and appropriates various styles and puts them through a Roma attack, coming off like a really good time." - Nov 2013

Press Quotes - GAS

"Auf der ganzen Welt kennt und verehrt man die zwei Romas für ihre Künste an den Trompeten. Sie sind die in Guca gekrönten Weltmeister des Balkan Brass. Weiterhin ruhen sie sich nicht auf ihren Lorbeeren aus und treiben ihre musikalischen Entwicklungen nach vorne und so sprüht das neue Album vor Ideen und Leidenschaft. Sie erweitern erneut den traditionellen Klangkosmos und blicken dabei gerne mal nach New Orleans, dem Zentrum des Marching Band Sounds. Und Hölle, nein! Es ist kein Geheimnis mehr, dass dieser Sound funky und ansteckend ist. Auf “Gipsy Manifesto” gibt es mit einer erweiterten Orchestrierung mehr Swing, mehr Latino (Mariachi) und mehr Jazz im Gegensatz zum Vorgänger “Devla”. Hohe Ansteckungsgefahr!" 1beat - Okt 2013

"Der einst auf Bläserakrobatik konzentrierte Sound der serbischen Roma nimmt auf "Gipsy Manifesto" unverkennbar Züge von hit-paradentauglicher Hopsasa Mucke an. Virtuos sind die Hörner immer noch, [...]. Jazzthing - November 2013

"100% Balkan, aber weltoffen unf funky. Heraus kommen knackige Hits und ein paar modernere Experimente. 1:0 im Kampf Fanfare Ciocarlia vs. Bregovic vs. Markovic. Beste Balkan Veröffentlichung des Herbstes" Melodie & Rhythmus - Nov/Dec 2013

"Gipsy Manifesto sprüht vor neuen musikalsichen Ideen." Rhein Main Magazin - Okt 2013

"Alles in Allem glänzt Gipsy Manifesto durch sprühende musikalische Ideen, welche immer in engen Bezug zur Tradition des typischen Sounds der Balkanblasmusik gesetzt sind. Ihrem Ruf als Weltmeister der Roma-Blasmusik werden Boban und Marko Markowić mit Gipsy Manifesto nicht nur gerecht, sonder bugsieren sich darüber hinaus mit ihren Stilfusionen in den internationalen und wunderbar vielschichtigen Kosmos der Weltmusik." - Nov 2013

"„Gypsi Mani­festo“ ist das zweite Album des Balkan ​Brass‐ Familienbetriebes. Es gibt Ver­schie­bung im Alter, denn wie es so üblich ist, bekommt die jün­gere Gene­ra­tion lang­sam das Zep­ter in die Hand. Dies­mal klingt der Balkan Sound zwar noch immer sehr ost­eu­ro­pä­isch, und die Blä­ser sor­gen für gewal­tige Stimmung. Doch Marko sorgte für eine Ver­jün­gungs­kur der Songs, und so gibt es tanz­bare Beats im Vier­tel­takt, und auch Stil­mit­tel wie Rap­parts oder, bes­ser gesagt, Sprech­ge­sang fin­den sich wie­der." Foerderfluesterer - Jan 2014

Press Quotes - UK

"Taking elements of funk, reggae and even New Orleans ensembles Boban and Marko have created an album so frenetic and lively that you cannot fail to be impressed. From the opening cheers and Jewish Harp of Caje Sukarije the pace is set, performed in their native tongue, it’s oompah-oompah-upbeat and incredibly infectious." Louder Than War - Okt 2013

"One of the best dynasties in Balkan is back, with a huge statement, proud, and musically impressive." Tropicalbass - Okt 2013

"Boban Marković is the finest trumpeter in the Balkans, while his son, Marko, is another impressive brass player who has edged this celebrated Serbian Gypsy band away from traditional influences to a more contemporary style." The Guardian - Nov 2013


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