Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra - Golden Horns - The best of Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar


"Golden Horns - The best of Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar" - Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra

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  • Artist:Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra
  • featured artist:selected by DJ Robert Soko / Balkanbeats
  • region:Gypsy and Balkan
  • release year:2012
  • style(s):
    • Brass
    • Gypsy
  • country:Serbia
  • catalogue numberPIR2647
  • formats:
    • CD
    • Vinyl

„Boban i Marko Markovic` 'Golden Horn' album is a boisterous best-of selection gleaned from their physical & digital sales, YouTube views, radioplays, synch & other licensing hits. Without doubt it's an
essential part of my repertoire for BalkanBeats dance floors worldwide.” DJ Robert Soko

"Imgagine the rowdiest, fastest rendition of 'Hava Nagila' you've ever heard, zip it up with wild brass playing that would make a New Orleans marching band stop and stare, and throw in percussion so thunderous it shakes a hall, and then you've got an idea why the Orkestar gets a crowd into a frenzy."
Boston Herald

True or not, one thing is clear: Boban Markovic and his son and prized protégé Marko are the bomb in Balkan brass dance music, harnessing the absolute flexibility of Miles Davis and the cool funk of Herb Alpert in the ultimate expression of their Southern Serbian Rroma roots. This compilation unites their best tracks selected by balkanbeats expert and innovator DJ Robert Soko of Balkanbeats fame.

This selection portraits the unique story of a musical family and the outstanding relation between Father and Son, between legendary tradition and exciting future
of Balkan Brass music. Boban's decades of experience are now fired by Marko's youthful vibe-an energy sustained by marathon practice sessions and a lifetime spent with dad on stage.


"A ‘Best Of’ compilation of two of the Balkan’s best trumpet players carefully compiled by Balkanbeats brain deejay Robert Soko doesn’t leave much to the imagination and that’s why this Piranha release doesn’t leave room for criticism"

Tropicalidad May 2012

"Aptly named golden horns, this best of compiled by Robert Soko proves that this orchestra led by two trumpeters, father and son, has a lot of emotion in the pisto"

Mondomix May/June 2012

"Boban und Marko Markovic mischen alles - serbische Klänge, traditionelle Lieder (Hava Nagila), klassische Musik (Mozart in Mundo Cocek), Latin-Rhythmen (Sljivovica) und vieles mehr. Dazu kommen auch noch zwei Remixe des DJs Robert Soko. Lassen Sie sich überraschen und tanzen Sie einfach mit - der Balkan-Beat wird Sie sicher beißen!"


"If your dog-eared copy of 'Now that's What I Call Cheesy Disco Vol 3' fails to set your Jubilimpics knees-up alight, then slip on this boisterous racked and watch the dancefloor tremble. [...] Deft injections of funk, jazz and soul will help tempt wallflowers onto the floor."

John Bungey 16th June 2012(The Times)

"In their best of Golden Horns, the Markovic give a good definition of that famous "global culture" between jazz, pop and folk, and between tradition and modernity."

La Presse de la Manche May 2012

"Golden Horns" is a "best of" that traces through 15 titles, the virtuosity of this "Orkestar" where laughs are never far from tears."

Le Télégramme April 2012

"In addition to the classics, Golden Horns also features two brilliant remixes – ‘Go Marko Go’ by Soko and ‘Cinnamon Girl’ by [dunkelbunt] (aka Ulf Lindemann). As a perfect closing, the remixes add a new dimension and offer you more than most ‘best of’ albums."

Alexandra Petropoulos ( May 2012

"Father and son duo Boban and Marko Markovic are legends of Balkan folk music and key figues in the beat scene, which fuses dance beats and gypsy melodies. This 15-track compilation, Golden Horns, is an excellent primer for the uninitiated"

The Big Issue 28th May 2012

"Forget radio’s so-called ‘Dance’ music - Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar is the real deal!"

Glyn Phillips (

"This is a blueprint for the fightback of the much-maligned 'Best Of', being the personal selection of DJ Robert Soko (of Balkan Beats fame), who obviously ends up as important in the overall feel if the collection as the celebrated Orkestar itself. [...] Boban and Marko have long prided themselves on their ability to take their deep traditional Roma Balkan roots into a wider world that can influence them and their tradition in myriad forms - from Romanian folk music to the funk and jazz and dance music of the west"

John Pheby July 2012(fRoots)

"Down amongst the orchards of Serbia, the Markovic Orkestar have fashioned a sound that's punchy, exhilarating and irresistible to the feet. These are champions of Balkan Gypsy brass, masters of super-fast ornamentation and jaunty rhythm."

-Songlines Aug 2012-

"The rousing brass and dancefloor melodies are Romani-influenced and Gypsy-celebrated with plenty of majestic horns, whirling rhythms, and catchy tidbits that are a must-have for any celebratory situation. There is even a little rap on "Sljivovica." The music is great for parties, enjoying music from Boban's highlighted career, and learning a bit about Romani music"

Matthew Forss April 2012

"Die von DJ Robert Soko, einem Balkan Beats-Pionier zusammengestellte "Best of Golden Horns"-CD, ist mit ihren 15 Titeln eine perfekte Zusammenfassung der unglaublichen Orchester Karriere.[...]Zu welcher Perfektion man es mit Blechblasinstrumenten bringen kann, beweisen Boban i Marko Markovic auf "Golden Horns"

-Die Zwiebel Juni 2012-

"Sie schaffen es, einfach die Schönheit
südosteuropäischer Musik zu vermitteln
und sei einem westeuropäischen Publikum
schmackhaft zu machen“, erläutert
Robert Soko, der Balkan-Beats-Experte
und der Mann, der für die Zusammenstellung
verantwortlich zeichnet. Markovic kombiniere die
Flexibiliät von Miles Davis mit dem
coolen Funk von Herb Alpert und gebe
dazu noch donnernde Perkussion.
Zwei Remixe runden die treffliche Kompilation
ab und zeigen, welche weiteren Ebenen dem
energiegeladenen Markovic-Sound noch innewohnen

-Rhein-Zeitung Frank Blum-

"Wer Musik vom Balkan mag, erhält bei einem heutigen Doppelkonzert sowohl die Gelegenheit, sich als Tänzer zu beweisen, als auch sich als Hörer zu begeistern. Die Blechblasmusik des 'Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestars' und die technischen Nachbearbeitungen von DJ Robert Soko, Erfinder der 'Balkan Beats', fahren in die Beine und beglücken musikalisch nicht nur rückerinnernd. Aus Serbien stammen die Roma-Trompeter Boban und Marko. Genau wie Dusko Goikowicz verstehen auch Vater und Sohn den Miles-Davis-Einfluss weiterzutragen, aber beschwören auf ihrer Produktion 'Golden Horns' ebenso die unterschiedlichen Volksmusiken des ehemaligen Jugoslawiens."

Neues Deutschland Nov 2012

".ce Best of sur le label Piranha, réalisé ici par le spécialiste et DJ Robert Soko, opte pour une optique résolument dancefloor. Poussez les meubles avant d'enclencher 'Play´."

Vibration April 2012


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