Boris Kovac - Ballads At The End Of Time


"Ballads At The End Of Time" - Boris Kovac

Boris Kovac & Ladaaba Orchest - Ballads at the End of Time

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  • Artist:Boris Kovac
  • featured artist:Ladaaba Orchest
  • region:Gypsy and Balkan
  • release year:2003
  • style(s):
    • Balkan
    • Jazz
  • country:Serbia
  • catalogue numberPIR1787
  • formats:
    • CD

Top 100 European Records 2003 of the World Music Charts Europe

"This is the second and the last CD album of the La Danza Apocalypsa Balcanica Project. I hope that such a theme will never inspire me again..."
Boris Kovac

Just imagine: the morning after the apocalypse. Are we still alive? We wonder. It would appear so. There´s no end to this world. There´s no rest for the soul. There´s no past. There´s no future. Now is eternal. But where there’s life, there’s hope. LaDaABa Orchest offers you the ideal entertainment for the end of time: La Danza Apocalypsá Balcanica. Part Two.


"An eccentric cycle of dances like tango, waltz, calypso or rumba, played in the style of a syphilitic salon-orchestra, switching rapidly between the atmosphere of a decadent café in 1920s Vienna and the Titanic(...)"

Rock Paper Scissors

"Kovac has declared this to be his last LaDaABa project, a strong impression to finish with, indeed."

Global Rhythm 11/2003

"To listen to this music is to be transported to a dimly lit dancehall in Novi Sad, where couples sway slowly, hypnotically to the music at the end of the world"

Metro Magazine USA 8/2003

"This is a wild ride as the gypsy band of musicians, they call it an orchestra, takes the listener on a musical ride that is both exhausting and remarkable. Inspired by the end of the world - no big thing - it has everything from crazy rhythms to yapping dogs. We love it."

"Volume two is more subtle; darker, sweeter and deeply melancholy, a work that asks you to "imagine the morning after the apocalypse... are we still alive? It appears so." The work is soaked in Balkan and western European dance styles and Ladaaba is truly a fitting dance band for the end of time."



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