Cabruera - Proibido Cochilar


"Proibido Cochilar" - Cabruera

Cabruera - Prohibido Cochilar

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  • Artist:Cabruera
  • region:Latin
  • release year:2005
  • style(s):
    • Brazilian
    • Samba
  • country:Brazil
  • catalogue numberPIR1999
  • formats:
    • CD

Cabruera, the next generation of Sambas, prove that there's a lot more to roots rock than hyped-up boys with twangy guitars playing Americana. Inspired by the Mangue Beat movement led by the late great Chico Science, Cabruêra from Northeast Brazil spice up the Forró party roots of their rural formative years with all the urban styles you love to groove to - from rock through funk, jazz, rap, reggae, jungle and electro to club, lounge and beyond. Mixing those impulses creates a heady cocktail, especially when they toss in their secret weapon: a ballpoint pen (yep, really). Guitarist Arthur Pessoa rubs it on the strings to create a curious, disturbing sound somewhere between a cello and the Brazilian bermbau. There is inventive substance to this music and it creates something that is both sweaty and spectacular. Proibido Cochilar - sleeping forbidden - read the sign at the entrance of the old-time Forro dance-hall of their youth, directed at both audience and performers. No danger of that here, Cabruera will keep you grooving 'til dawn with their new-style sambas for sleepless nights.


"Here's samba for the 21st century, played by a premier and exciting band"

Nashville City Paper 05/12/06

"Cabruera doesn't revolutionize north eastern music, but they add a great new chapter with an album that delivers consistently.""

Global Rhythm


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