Chango Spasiuk - Tarefero de mis pagos


"Tarefero de mis pagos" - Chango Spasiuk


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  • Artist:Chango Spasiuk
  • region:Latin
  • release year:2004
  • style(s):
    • Folk
    • Latin
  • country:Argentina
  • catalogue numberPIR1895
  • formats:
    • CD

Winner of the *Premio Gardel* (2006) and the *BBC Planets Awards for World Music* (2005)
& Nomination for the most prestigious Latin Grammy

Accordion master Chango Spasiuk has come to be seen as the guardian angel of Chamamé, the most influential champion of the „music with the deepest swing in Argentina“. In many ways his contribution to the revitalisation of these folk traditions can be compared to the influence that his fellow countryman Astor Piazzolla has had in the contemporary development of Tango. After 6 local albums „Tarefero de mis Pagos“ is his first original international release. It was produced for PIRANHA Musik on location in Buenos Aires by Ben Mandelson.


" Chango spasiuk is chamamé`s spectacular new champion. This will transport you to the world where the music flourishes. It´s a magical-realist fusion of Amerindian and African influence on polkas and waltzes."

London Evening Standard

"Beautifully produced, this disc alone would make him more than eligible to win the Radio 3 World Music Award he is nominated for in 2005."

Froots, Jan/Feb 2005

"It's a complicated journey to the bottom of a musical style so unknown outside Spasiuk's home region. But it is always enjoyable, and there is a searching, quasi-mystical element in Spasiuk's whirling, wandering solos -- he talks of a 'vacio' or 'nothingness', a place to which only music can take you (track 7, an 'improvisation', finds Spasiuk in full-on abstract, ambient mood). Others will perhaps find a more earthy quality in the sound - sourced in chamame's easy tempo and barn-dance spirit, which springs from a community-based celebration of everyday rural life, long train journeys, family ties and a sharing of woes and wonder. Somewhere between these two extremes - the metaphysical ponderings and the mooing of cows - Chango Spasiuk is making a powerful musical case for chamamé."

Chris Moss, BBC World Music Awards, 11/2004


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