Degas/Weiser - Heimat - Von Fern So Nah


"Heimat - Von Fern So Nah" - Degas/Weiser

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  • Artist:Degas/Weiser
  • region:Borderless
  • release year:2006
  • style(s):
    • Brazilian
    • Pop
  • country:Germany
  • catalogue numberPIR2008
  • formats:
    • CD

It became obvious during the World Cup: As cosmopolitan hosts, the Germans could party and fly their flag with new enthusiasm far away from old clichés. This new German lightness is also present in PIRANHA's music project "Heimat – von fern so nah" (Home – from far so close). Jorge Degas, Brazilian composer, bass and guitar player and Andreas Weiser, German percussionist, composer and author present modern new interpretations of selected German traditional songs with singers Nina Ernst and Sahrin Rezau. This swinging, mostly Brazilian view on ancient tunes is a cheerful revitalisation of an almost forgotten song culture.


" The fact is, “Heimat von Fern so Nah” is an enthusiastic album, a long-overdue, invigorating injection into ttraditional german song repertoire that stikes a chord in many open-minded people.""

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