• style(s):
    • Dance
  • label:Piranha Records
  • type: DJ/Remixer

Time is a jet plane – it moves so fast; oh, but what a shame if all we’ve shared can’t last! Yesterday CDs, today computer files. Yesterday the drums, today the DJ console – those are the instruments of our time!

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes – of course they would not pass by Piranha. The DJ phenomenon has been no exception – these days whatever you do in the live format, nothing is possible without a little DJ accompaniment and support on the side. It is only natural that constant remixing and coupling in the most surprising combinations would appeal to the Piranha sensibilities.

Remixing your own catalogue – as [dunkelbunt] did for the first time with Piranha’s vast stock on Raindrops and Elephants – is obvious. Remixing the world for your own specific purposes – as Robert Soko does with his BalkanBeats releases BalkanBeats – A Night in Berlin and BalkanBeats SoundLab – even more so. And having a DJ as integral part of your act – as in outfits such as Watcha Clan or Sonia Brex’ lounge project Naif – has been state of the art, if not the order of the day for a long time.

After all, global music is one great big mix of all kinds of ingredients, one great big remixing continuum of styles and products, ideas and attitudes and concerns.

So there.

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