Emil Zrihan - Ashkelon


"Ashkelon" - Emil Zrihan


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  • Artist:Emil Zrihan
  • region:Jewish
  • release year:1998
  • style(s):
    • Jewish
    • Sephardic
  • country:Morocco
  • catalogue number PIR1260
  • formats:
    • CD

The spirit of Andalusia: The Jewish-Arabian synthesis of the Maghreb is shiningly evident in Emil Zrihan's music. Born in Rabat, Morocco, he is now cantor at the main synagogue in Ashkelon, one of the oldest cities in the world, situated along the Via Maris which joins Egypt and Syria. In this recording, the religious fervour of his liturgically trained chantings is underscored by filigree instrumentations played on ud, darbuka, violin and accordion. Also featuring the flamenco guitar virtuoso Baldi Olier. Powerful, spiritual and hypnotic.


"Moroccan-born Emil Zrihan is considered one of the finest countertenors in the world. (...) In Hebrew and Arabic, his music is universal!"

The Boston Globe

"Granted, Zrihan's vocal feats on this disc may seem unreal, as if they had been cooked up in the recording studio."

Chicago Tribune

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