Fanfara Tirana


Fanfara Tirana (by P. Romo)
  • country:Albania
  • region:Gypsy and Balkan
  • style(s):
    • Balkan
    • Brass
  • label:Piranha Arts AG

Prepare for a fresh blast of Albanian brass

If you're not familiar with the Albanian brass band tradition, don't be surprised. There isn't one. Although brass instruments are not entirely unknown in Albania, there has never been the equivalent of the local village or small town brass bands playing local music for weddings and other festivities, which are part of the musical landscape of many of its neighbouring countries.

Until today, that is. Enter Fanfara Tirana.
Formed by a group of friends from the Albanian Army band who decided, in a light-hearted fashion, that it might be worthwhile to form such a band, just to see what might happen. They contacted veteran singer Hysni Zela and persuaded him to come out of retirement and join them, which is when the serious fun started. Taking the time-honoured tales of heroes and lovers that are the backbone of the Albanian tradition and infusing them with the pumping rhythms of the best Balkan brass styles, they have created something truly innovative yet totally representative. Already blazing new trails at home and now ready for export: Fanfara Tirana


Olsi Sulejmani
Ballkan World Music Management
Viale della Vittoria,171
61100 Pesaro
phone +39 072 137 42 81
fax +39 072 132 942


Asphalt Tango Produktion
Ackerstr. 14-15
10115 Berlin
phone +49 (30) 285 85 28
fax +49 (30) 285 85 12

Juana Burillo
phone: +34 974 232043

Earth Beat Entertainment Agents-After-All
Rob van den Bosch
phone+ 31 (0)20 6279518

Line up

  • Agim Sako (sax tenor )
  • Artan Mucollari (flugelhorn baritone)
  • Fatbardh Capi  (sax alto & clarinet)
  • Gazmor Halilaj  (trumpet)
  • Gezim Haxhiaj  (sax alto & clarinet )
  • Kujtim Hoxha (drums)
  • Luan Ruci (tuba)
  • Mark Luca (flugelhorn baritone)
  • Pellumb Xhepi  (flugelhorn baritone)
  • Roland Shaqia (sax baritone, keyboard, tapan)
  • Xhemal Muraj (trumpet)


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