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"Djanya Wofu" - Farafi

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  • Artist:Farafi
  • release year:2019
  • style(s):
    • Global Fusion
  • country:India
  • catalogue numberPIR3268S1
  • formats:
    • Online only

Farafi – a nomadic duo, born on the streets of India, with roots around the globe. Darlini Singh Kaul and Joy Tyson have created an eclectic collection of sounds inspired by traditional African, Middle Eastern, Indian and Western contemporary music. Their touching, upbeat debut album “Calico Soul” will be released November 8 by Piranha Records.

“Djanya Wofu“ is a first taste of Farafi’s free-spirited sound. The single, released October 18, sets off with a hint of raw Blues guitars and enchanting percussion, unfolding into a melancholic, yet uplifting tune. The two women sing in their own, wildly creative constructed language, switching to English mid-song. Darlini has empowering words for all those who are hurt and afraid of speaking up: “From the ashes I am reborn sublime”. A true female warrior chant, a heartfelt song about resilience and resistance.

“It’s about restoring faith in people’s hearts”, says Darlini. “A song about those who relentlessly do the work to ignite the spark in those that have been numbed into believing they are powerless.”

“Djanya Wofu“ – a cosmopolitan hymn with a natural, inspiring power.

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