Fermin Muguruza - FM 99.00 Dub Manifest


"FM 99.00 Dub Manifest" - Fermin Muguruza


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  • Artist:Fermin Muguruza
  • region:Latin
  • release year:2001
  • style(s):
    • Basque
    • Dub
  • country:Spain
  • catalogue numberPIR1571
  • formats:
    • CD

"...so many dances, so much festive crack and so much struggle. From Kortatu and Negu Gorriak, then with Dut and others, accompanied, as always, by bars and streets and by those times of the wild living of our adolescence. That's what this FM 99,00 Dub Manifest is. A brilliant festive trip; a youth who shouts so as not to feel the cold. Songs of love, songs of hate, armed with words which continue to be Fermin's infantry, his embassy; which continue to talk, as so often before, of Fermin Muguruza, his doubts and his beliefs, of his tattoos of memory, of the fragility of his protective shield."
Fernando León


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